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Albie Casiño apologizes for mean comments he said about Andi Eigenmann


Former Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) housemate Albie Casiño apologized for his controversial statement about ex-girlfriend Andi Eigenmann and “to everyone who was offended” during an episode on Toni Talks uploaded on Sunday, November 21.

In the interview, Casiño acknowledged that the things he said during the Kumu Stream were wrong, and he is sorry to those he offended.

“My manager actually told me not talk about this. But I feel like as a man, I have to. First of all, I really didn’t think that it would pick up that much traction. I really honestly did not think that it would spread like wildfire, what I said,” he said.

“I know now that I was wrong to say that. I want to apologize to everybody who was offended by what I had to say. I was in the spur of the moment,” he added.

Getting candid about his previous statement, Casino said: “To be completely honest, I wanted to say something that would make her feel bad because of all of the anger that I had, all the pent up frustration that I had from all of the years.”

“I felt like this would be a way for me to say something funny, at the same time get back at her for what she did to me. But I did not expect it to be taken that way,” he added.

Taking responsibility for his mistake, Casiño said: “I want to apologize to everybody else who took what I said and got offended by it. I really did not mean to offend anybody else. But then again, hindi ako naghuhugas kamay dito (I’m not washing my hands clean). I really did want to say something to make her feel bad. That is also wrong.”

When Gonzaga asked if he is still mad at Eigenmann, he said: “I don’t think mawawala na yun eh (it’ll disappear). It’s not there all the time. If someone brings her up to me, it’s not good emotions that I am thinking, it’s not good feelings that I am feeling. I am only human. Like I said, I’d like to think of myself as unfiltered. That’s why I said those things.”

Nevertheless, Casiño emphasized that he regrets saying it especially since he has chosen only to spread positivity.

“In my mind, I was like, ‘They publicly ruined me. They had me assaulted. They dragged my family.’ That was what was going through my head. But like I said, I know now with the platform that I have, I shouldn’t be saying those things. I regret saying it. The platform that I have now, I want to spread positivity and with that statement, there was nothing positive about that.”

Casiño was a promising rising star, paired with Kathryn Bernardo, when his name was dragged during Eigenmann’s pregnancy controversy in 2011, leading to his career’s downfall.

In 2016, Eigenmann’s boyfriend after Casiño, Jake Ejercito, confirmed that he is the father of Ellie. Ejercito said a DNA test a year prior indicated that to be the case.

Watch the full interview below.

Casiño joined PBB: Kumunity Season 10 as one of the celebrity housemates and was evicted on November 13.

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