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VP Duterte urges action after Maguindanao doctor’s killing

vp duterte urges action after maguindanao doctors killing

MANILA, PHILIPPINES– Vice President Sara Duterte-Carpio has called for urgent action by authorities following the ambush and killing of Dr. Barroquillo in Maguindanao on the 3rd of February.

Expressing condolences to the victim’s family, Duterte emphasized the gravity of the situation, stating, “This senseless violence against a dedicated medical professional who served the community highlights the ongoing challenges to peace and order in certain areas of our country.”

She urged the Philippine National Police (PNP) and other relevant agencies to prioritize the investigation, saying, “We need a thorough and prompt investigation to bring the perpetrators to justice and ensure accountability for this heinous crime.”

The Vice President’s statement echoes growing anxieties regarding the safety of individuals serving in high-risk areas. Dr. Barroquillo’s case tragically follows similar incidents targeting medical personnel in conflict zones, raising concerns about the potential chilling effect on healthcare access for vulnerable communities.

Duterte further emphasized the need for measures to address the root causes of violence in the region, stating, “While apprehending those responsible is crucial, we must also work towards long-term solutions that address the underlying issues fueling conflict and instability.”

The Vice President’s statement comes amidst public outpourings of grief and indignation over the doctor’s killing. Many, including medical professionals and human rights advocates, have joined calls for a swift and transparent investigation and renewed efforts to ensure the safety of healthcare workers in vulnerable areas.

As of now, details surrounding the investigation remain under wraps, with the PNP focusing on gathering evidence and identifying potential suspects. The extent of their progress and the timeline for potential arrests remain unclear.

However, the Vice President’s statement serves as a significant reminder of the urgency surrounding the case and the broader need for long-term solutions to foster peace and security in conflict-affected regions of the Philippines.

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