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Ted Failon receives criticism for commenting on SB19 Justin’s nose, fans demand apology


MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Veteran broadcaster Ted Failon has found himself at the center of controversy following remarks about the physical appearance of SB19 member Justin De Dios. 

Fans and supporters of the popular PPop group have expressed outrage and are calling for Failon to issue a public apology.

The incident occurred during a recent episode of “Ted Failon and DJ Chacha sa Radyo 5” on March 4, where Ted Failon and his co-host DJ Chacha were discussing Justin De Dios’ trending solo performance of his song “Surreal” on “ASAP Natin ‘To”.

In the midst of the conversation, Failon questioned whether the artist they were talking about was Filipino, to which DJ Chacha affirmed and praised Justin’s appearance and style.

Failon’s subsequent comment, however, sparked the controversy. He expressed a desire for a group that did not have prominent noses, implying a more “original” Filipino look, which led to immediate backlash from the SB19 fanbase, known as A’Tin, and the general public.

“Sana magkaroon din tayo ng grupo na hindi kataasan ang tangos ng ilong para talagang original.” Ted Failon said.

Fans took to social media, particularly X (formerly Twitter), to voice their displeasure and defend Justin’s natural appearance. 

One netizen stated, “Fyi Mr. Ted Failon and idc who tf you are! Justin’s visuals are all original, walang gawa, walang enhance… ON NATIONAL TV KA PA TALAGA GUMANYAN?” 

Another fan emphasized, “As a ‘journalist’, you should know the FACTS before you talk like that on national TV.”

The criticism also highlighted the problematic nature of Failon’s remarks, pointing out the perpetuation of stereotypes about Filipino beauty standards. 

Comments ranged from demands for an apology to criticisms of Failon’s understanding of what constitutes a “Filipino look.”

Ted Failon has not yet responded to the backlash nor issued a statement regarding his comments. 

The incident has reignited discussions on beauty standards, racial sensitivity, and media personalities’ responsible use of public platforms.

SB19, known for its groundbreaking success in the PPop scene and its contribution to the representation of Filipino talent on a global stage, has yet to comment on the matter. 

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