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Smart Communications Inc. set up SIM card registration booths at SM Malls


MANILA, PHILIPPINES — In an effort to increase the number of registered subscribers, Smart Communications Inc. sets up SIM card registration booths in SM Supermalls around the country.

Smart Communications Inc. has set up booths and touchpoints in SIM Supermalls to assist in SIM card registration. The booths have been successfully deployed in 36 SM establishments from North Luzon to Mindanao.

An additional eight SM establishments will host Smart and TNT SIM registration booths in the next few days.

Senior vice president and head of the Consumer Sales Group at PLDT and Smart Alex Caeg said the telco began deploying their SIM registration booths at SM Supermalls on January 23.

“With the reopening of the local economy, we have seen the surge of mall visitors, especially in SM Supermalls. Given the importance and urgency of complying with the law, we partnered with The SM Store and SM Supermalls because of their foot traffic and presence across the country,” Caeg said.

The PTE is also the first to set up SIM card registration booths across the country, starting December 27 last year, the first day of registration.

In partnership with government agencies, Smart and TNT have thus far deployed assisted SIM registration booths in 15 remote areas in the country. The initiative headed by NTC and DICT was created to assist subscribers in areas with little to no internet.

“Through our partnership with SM and the other sites across the country, our assisted SIM registration booths offer information and guidance as to how to register their Smart or TNT SIMs using acceptable ID cards, as well as provide physical assistance to senior citizens, persons with disabilities as well as those using non-data phones. This is part of our commitment that our SIM Registration will be inclusive and that no one will be left behind,” said Caeg.

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