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First-ever LIVE Drone show left onlookers’ jaws dropped

Awestruck Kagay-anons witnessed the first-ever light drone show during the SM Pyro Festival last night. SM Pyro Festival annually wraps up the one-month long fiesta celebration of the city. But this year, SM brought a whole new experience for the onlookers by showcasing the first-ever light drone show. With glimmering lights of green, red, and blue, it captivated every spectator as they witness 25 programmed drones forming familiar shapes in the clear, dark sky.

Here’s a clip during the Light Drone Show captured by Project Lupad:

Before the annual fireworks display, special guests Daybreak band and Kimpoy Feliciano hype up and serenade the crowd through their performances. Random shots during the program proper:   — SM Pyro Festival is the last core event in this year’s Higalaay Festival celebration.

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