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Lee Seung Gi 20th Anniversary Comeback to the Philippines

seung gi 20th anniversary comback

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA — South Korean star Lee Seung Gi may return to the Philippines for his 20th-anniversary plan.

The renowned actor came to the Philippines on May 27 and held his “The Dreamer’s Dream – Chapter 2 show at the New Frontier Theater in Quezon City, greeting his fans and making them excited to see him.

The actor performed his song “The Dreamer’s Dream,” supported by a live band. 

Seung Gi has toured Tokyo, Seoul, Osaka, Taiwan, and now the Philippines, and Seung Gi said, “I think Manila, here is the best! You are the best.”

Seung Gi performed other tracks such as “Wind,” “The Ordinary Man,” “Forest,” “Circle,” “Like a Flower,” and which he sang with an impressive vocal range for an actor.

The crowd went wild when he sang an official soundtrack, “Losing My Mind” from his popular K-drama “My Girlfriend is A Gumiho.

The “triple threat” Seung Gi sang a rock version of the song due to the request of his fans.

“Next time, when I visit the Philippines, I’ll bring more rock songs. So, please come to my concert again for diet purposes,” the actor joked after saying the performance felt like he just ran a marathon.

The actor’s skills amused Airens of the Philippines in different ways as they cheered him singing ballad songs.

“I am singing a ballad, but I felt like singing rock songs because you are very energetic,” Seung Gi said, realizing how fans felt during his performance.

The actor also got dubbed in Korea and received multiple Grand Prize awards for his dramas, film, variety shows, and music. His most recent win was the Best Ballad Award at the 2021 Golden Disc Awards.

For his 20th anniversary in the industry, Seung Gi plans on releasing a new album that includes his collaboration with his juniors and seniors.

“Next year, it will be my 20th anniversary. For the 20th anniversary album, I’ll collaborate with artists, seniors, juniors, and producers. I’ll be making a very strong album for you guys,” Seung Gi said.

Seung Gi’s first concert in Manila, “The Dreamer’s Dream – Chapter 2”, was presented by HumanMade, TG Entertainment, Faith & D Entertainment, and CDM Entertainment. – WhatALife!/Zain

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