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Registration of Motor Vehicles May Be Suspended If? How to Avoid Motor Vehicle Registration Suspension

How to Avoid Motor Vehicle Registration Suspension

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A Driver’s License is required to travel from place to place with your car. However, not only should the driver be registered, but drivers must also register the car they are operating to ascertain that it follows the rules and regulations imposed by the LTO. Here are some things motorists should know to avoid the suspension of their motor vehicle registration.

Disclaimer: WhatALife! is not in any way affiliated with LTO. The information posted on this page is sourced from the official LTO website (lto.gov.ph).

A Quick Look at Vehicle Registration

A vehicle is registered if it has a valid plate number on the front and back sides. The plate registration is differentiated by alphanumeric combinations and color schemes, which indicate which region the vehicle is registered in and its designation.

Plate Design Specifications

The design for registration plates is done to avoid counterfeits. In addition, the font is designed to make it difficult to modify the letters. Finally, reflective paint is used to make the registration plates visible at night.

Color Scheme of the Registration Plate

LTO uses different color schemes for registration plates to signify their designation. The color scheme and its designation are as follows:

  • Black Plates for private vehicles;
  • Yellow Plates for public utility vehicles (Taxis, Jeepneys, etc.);
  • Red Plates for government vehicles;
  • Indigo Plates for Diplomats; and,  
  • Fully colored Indigo Plate for other exempted vehicles

Since colors are easily distinguished at first glance, this makes it easy to differentiate vehicles since some laws are only specified for target vehicles, such as:

  • Indicating drop-off points;
  • Special lanes;
  • Road use, etc.

What to Observe to Avoid the Suspension of the Motor Vehicle Registration

Each motor vehicle needs to meet the standards laid out by the LTO for a safe driving experience. Not following these standards will result in suspending the motor vehicle’s registration, making it illegal to drive on public roads and highways.

License To Drive Vehicles

Even if your vehicle is registered, driving without a license will be grounds for the revocation of a vehicle’s registration. Though it might not always be the case, LTO can use it as an argument to suspend the vehicle’s ability to travel.

Illegal Use Of Licenses And Plates

Counterfeiting and transferring plates from one vehicle to another is illegal, and criminal charges might even be added to the revocation of the vehicle/s’ registration. In addition, the falsification of data filed during the application for the vehicle’s registration is grounds for its denial.

Passenger And Freight

All vehicles are designed with their maximum capacity in mind. Going over this maximum load, be it the number of passengers or the weight of freight while traveling on public roads, is also grounds for suspending a motor vehicle’s registration.

Motor Vehicle Accessories

The Land Transportation Office also monitors the items attached to the motor vehicle to promote safety and order on the road. Here are some vehicle accessories that the LTO closely monitors.

  • Tires – No vehicle shall operate with metallic tires. In addition, the tires must be of sufficient thickness to prevent their metallic rims from ground contact.
  • Brakes – Motor vehicles with four wheels and above shall operate with a dual hydraulic brake system. At least two brakes are required so one can function if the other fails.
  • Horns – Every motor vehicle shall have a horn or any signaling device in good working order. These signaling devices shall follow the rule that they must not emit exceptionally loud, startling, or undesirable sounds. In addition, only emergency vehicles can use bells, sirens, and exhaust whistles.
  • Headlights – Motor vehicles with a width of more than one meter shall have two headlights installed on each side. The lights shall only emit a whitish or yellowish color at the front and must have a control device to adjust its intensity.
  • Taillights – All motor vehicles must also have lights located at the back end of the motor vehicle. A red light must be visible at least 100 meters from the car’s rear.
  • Stop Lights – Also located at the rear end of the vehicle with at least one lamp maintaining a sustained bright red light that is visible under any conditions, including under the bright sunlight when brakes are applied.
  • Mufflers – All motor vehicles that use an internal combustion engine shall use Mufflers. The Muffler shall be connected and kept the same whenever these vehicles pass through densely populated areas. It must not also be modified to emit obnoxious or unnecessary odor, smoke, or noise.

Roads and Traffic Rule Violations

Violating the rules imposed on driving on public roads and highways is also the basis for suspending a motor vehicle’s registration. Most of these rules are learned when taking a driver’s license. Examples of these rules and regulations are as follows:

  • Right of Way and Signals
  • Overtaking and Passing a Vehicle and Turning at Intersections
  • Turning and Parking
  • Driving under Influence
  • Reckless Driving
  • Tampering of Vehicles
  • Driving or Parking on Sidewalks
  • Hitching to A Vehicle
  • Obstruction of Traffic

Final Thoughts

Knowing that only registered vehicles are allowed to travel on public roads and highways is essential to keep in mind. In addition, heavy fines and vehicle confiscation are the least of your problems without registration since criminal charges are unavoidable if you get in an accident using an unregistered vehicle.

Constantly update your motor vehicle’s registration annually to access public roads and avoid any hassle while driving.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are additional information you can keep in mind to help you avoid having your driver’s license suspended:

When can motor vehicle registration be suspended?

Motor vehicle registration can be suspended if the license holder violates LTO’s rules for driving. You can refer to the list above for complete details of the safety standards.

What is the 30-day suspension of the driver’s license LTO?

LTO can suspend your driver’s license for 30 days if you perform grave traffic or motor vehicle violations, such as driving with an expired license, driving under the influence, and illegal parking. – WhatALife!/Vaughn

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