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Park Bom Unrecognizable to Netizens After Posting Selfies

park bom unrecognizable to netizens after posting selfies

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA — Former 2NE1 member Park Bom posted selfies that concerned netizens as they said she is “unrecognizable.” 

Although Park Bom has not released music for quite some time, she still updates her long-time fans through her Instagram posts from time to time. 

On August 14, Park Bom shared some selfies on her Instagram account. After posting them, netizens had something to say. Some even went to the lengths of saying things about her well-being.

Park Bom made two posts, one with a selfie captioned “Hello, This is Bom,” and the other with several selfies captioned “Green and Park Bom.” Netizens realized that in the photo, Park Bom looked different. 

There was a debate among netizens regarding her looks as some think it’s from makeup, and others think that she was using a heavy filter. 

“I don’t recognize her at all.” 

“If no one told me that was Park Bom, I would never have guessed.”

“I think it’s just the filter she used. When she performed in person a few months ago, she looked more like her usual self.”

“The first pic is really unrecognizable. She looks more like her in the other pics. Well, at least she seems to be doing well.”

“She changed her makeup style a lot.”

Some say that it was probably a strong filter with some camera apps such as Snow app. Some think that it may be the makeup, as they are not used to Park Bom doing different styles of makeup often.

“Did she use a strong filter..?”

“Is it photoshopped?? It looks like a completely different person.”

“That selca filter doesn’t suit her.”

“I think it’s the eye makeup.”

 – WhatALife!/Zain

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