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P-pop Group 4th Impact receives criticisms for online pet fundraising while attending Taylor Swift concert


The Philippine pop girl group 4th Impact has recently been at the center of controversy for seeking public financial assistance to create a shelter for their 200 Shih Tzu dogs. 

The request for help came through social media, where Almira, a member of the sibling quartet, made a heartfelt appeal for their “furbabies” to have a new home. 

Attached to her plea was a GoFundMe link organized by Elvira, the eldest sister, aiming to relocate their numerous pets to a more accommodating space.

The Cercado sisters initially received five Shih Tzu dogs as gifts from fans, not foreseeing the eventual surge in their pet population to 200. 

Complaints from neighbors about the noise have prompted the group to seek a “safe and expansive farm” for the dogs. 

Despite their intentions, the group’s appeal met with backlash online, especially after they were seen attending Taylor Swift’s “The Eras Tour” in Singapore.

Critics argue the group’s financial priorities, pointing out the incongruity between spending on concert tickets and soliciting $100,000 for their pets’ relocation. 

Social media users expressed frustration, noting the significant impact such an amount could have on local animal shelters and rescue efforts. 

“This group is asking for $100K when they also just watched the Eras tour. While local shelters can do wonders with that sum already!” one user tweeted.

Another commented on the group’s financial capacity, saying, “And they have the audacity to ask for $100k, to think this group goes on tours across the US.” 

The sentiment was echoed by many who felt that the resources could be better used to support broader animal welfare initiatives, particularly spaying and neutering programs to control pet populations responsibly.

As of now, 4th Impact has not responded to the criticisms. The group is known for its success on “The X Factor UK” in 2015, where they emerged as the Top 5 finalists.

The incident has sparked a broader conversation on celebrity influence, the responsibilities of pet ownership, and the ethical considerations of public fundraising. 

With no official statement from 4th Impact, the dialogue continues predominantly among fans and critics online, highlighting the challenges and expectations faced by public figures in their personal endeavors.

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