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Netizens Demand Accountability from AJ Fernan in Bini Aiah Incident

netizens demand accountability from aj fernan in bini aiah incident

Fans and concerned citizens took the internet by storm, demanding accountability from AJ Fernan for the incident with BINI Aiah Arceta in a Cebu club.

Viral Filipina P-pop group BINI recently concluded their 3-day BINIverse concert at the New Front Theater. Due to this successful event, the girls announced the Grand BINIverse Concert at the Big Dome on October 4, 2024.

Due to their very hectic schedules these past few months, the girls are expected to take a break and spend time with their family and friends. Recently, a video of Cebuana member Maraiah Queen Arceta, better known as Aiah, surfaced online. This left numerous Filipinos concerned as a man was seen trying to kiss her in a club.

@n0t_yyan know your limits!!, even if its not aiah, you have no right to invade someone's space like that! @Bini Aiah Arceta #viral #bar #bini #biniph #aiah #ajfernan #cebu ♬ Bata, Dahan-Dahan! – IV Of Spades

Aiah is seen to be stunned by Fernan’s actions, and fans have flocked to her defense since. Bloom (BINI fans) X/Twitter has since consistently posted, “KALAMPAGIN ANG MANAGEMENT, ITULOY ANG KASO!” 

Since its release, fans and netizens have demanded accountability from the man identified in the video as AJ Fernan, with the #KasuhansiAJFernan trending on X (formerly Twitter). Some people have also defended him by alleging his sexuality and saying that maybe he was just mesmerized by her beauty. However, it is also important to remember that sexuality is no excuse to cross a woman’s boundaries.

It is critical to remember that the Philippines has laws set in place to protect people. RA 11313, the Safe Spaces Act or Bawal Bastos Law, addresses harassment in public spaces. This law exists to penalize those who violate harassment and violence in public areas.

Recently, a viral video clip of another BINI member, Maloi, also went viral. In it, she was clearly distraught as she was stormed by fans in a restaurant with her family. Other Blooms were disappointed in their fellow fans for violating Maloi’s personal time with her family after such a hectic three-day concert.

Due to recent events, BINI’s handler, Direk Lauren Dyogi, released a statement to respect the girls’ time and space. 

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