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Mom’s words on TikTok spark conversation on supportive parenting

moms words on tiktok spark conversation on supportive parenting

A heartwarming conversation between a mother and son has gone viral, highlighting the importance of a child’s well-being over their academic achievement. 

The talk, which was shared on social media, has resonated with many people who have shared similar experiences and expressed gratitude for the mother’s words.

The video with the caption, “Let’s normalize kamustahin muna ang anak bago ang grades,” has already received two million views and has encouraged many people because of her moving story.


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In the conversation, the mother asked about her son’s progress at their school.

“Sa school kumusta ka? May problem ka ba?” the mother asked her son.

“Okay lang ma, kaso mabagal ako magsulat tsaka wala ako sa rank,” the son responded.

The mother reassures her son that his best effort is enough and that he is smart and loved. She tells him she is proud of him, regardless of his grades. 

“Don’t worry, anak, sabi ko naman sayo ok lang kahit wala kang award. Ang importante ginagawa mo yung best mo at nag-aaral ka mabuti. Kung wala ka sa rank hindi ibig sabihin nun hindi ka matalino at magaling.”

“Matalino at magaling ka anak sa sarili mong paraan. Mag-enjoy ka lang sa school at wag ma-pressure, ok? Proud sayo si mama at papa palagi.” the mother added.

The son, who is visibly moved by his mother’s words, tells her that he loves her.

The conversation has been praised for its emphasis on the importance of emotional well-being and its positive message about the parent-child relationship. 

My inner child is crying, all this time I’ve been pressuring myself to be the best but sadly I’m just an average student.

“How I wish hindi ako nila ako pinepressure at kinocompare :(”

“Gan’to sana. hindi iyong, “anong rank mo? bakit wala? bakit si gan’to may honor?”

”Ito tlga greatest “sanaol” ko sa buhay.

“My inner child is crying. Haha, this is what I needed to hear.”

“It must have been bothering him for a long time, and your words comforted him. Great parenting.”

Many people have commented that the conversation is a reminder that children are more than just their grades and that they need love and support from their parents.

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