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‘Modern Family’ Cast Reunion Photo leads Fans to Believe Ty Burrell is Dead

modern family cast reunion photo leads fans to believe ty burrell is dead

On Nov. 15th, the cast of popular sitcom Modern Family shared a reunion photo, which sparked concern among the fanbase to believe actor Ty Burrel is dead.

Sofia Vergara, who played Gloria on the long-running ABC sitcom, revealed that she shared different photos and videos from the Modern Family’s cast reunion on their Instagram. This marked their first reunion since the show’s finale in 2020. 

In her photos, it shows that nearly all of the cast members were present at the reunion. including Sarah Hyland, Ariel Winter, Julie Bowen, Ed O’Neill, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and many more, but Ty Burrel, who played Phil Dunphy, is nowhere to be seen. 

However, in one of the photos, Ariel Winter, who played as his TV daughter, held up a framed photo of him with the rest of the cast behind her and smiling for the camera.  

“We miss you, Ty.” Vergara stated and Hyland added with “I love you, dad.” While this is played out as a joke, fans who saw the photos and seen the captions were shocked and started to panic, some of the fans even searched on the internet to confirm if Ty Burrel is alive. Many fans even left messages and comments of concern on Vergara’s and Fergusons’ feeds. 


“I had to check Google to make sure he didn’t die,” another user added.

One fan even commented, “Bruh I thought Phil died, I almost had a mini heart attack.”

Ty hasn’t officially revealed why he couldn’t attend the reunion. However, the photos of the cast reunion shows he’s missed. 

“I can see how this looks but Ty is alive and well I PROMISE. He’ll definitely be there for the next one.” Ariel posted on her Instagram, addressing the death rumors piling up in her own reunion post.

Modern Family aired for 11 seasons from 2009 to 202 and has received 22 Emmys throughout its run.  Burrel himself has won two Emmys for his role in the show.

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