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“Miss Saigon” international production celebrates Filipino artistry and heritage

miss saigon international production celebrates filipino artistry and heritage

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – The upcoming international production of “Miss Saigon” by GMG Productions features a talented cast of performers with Filipino heritage in the lead roles, celebrating Filipino artistry and heritage.

This program boldly displays the talent and versatility of Filipino performers on the international arena, from Abigail Adriano’s poignant depiction of Kim to Laurence Mossman’s dramatic performance of Thuy to Seann Miley Moore’s captivating portrayal of The Engineer.

The path that Abigail Adriano took to land the role of Kim in “Miss Saigon” is evidence of her commitment to and love of musical theater.

“Coming from a very music-loving Filipino family, it was impossible for my siblings, cousins, and me to be unfamiliar with Lea Salonga and ‘Miss Saigon,’” the Filipino-Australian actor reminisced about her musical audition experience.

She called it a dream come true when she found out she had been cast as Kim, a role Lea had originally created.

The Filipino-New Zealander Laurence Mossman, who was living in Manila at the time, made his “Miss Saigon” debut in 2016 by trying out for the UK tour.

Laurence reflected on his audition experience, saying, “I first tried out for the UK tour in Manila in 2016 and that’s how my ‘Miss Saigon’ journey began.” 

“I tried out for Chris, but I didn’t get the part,” he added. 

Still, in March 2023, while on holiday in Australia, he was approached to try out for the role of Thuy, proving that his perseverance had paid off.

One of the best ways for Seann Miley Moore to showcase his passion for acting and his Filipino roots is by playing the Engineer in “Miss Saigon.”

“Meow, well, it’s a match made in heaven; my journey from ‘Miss Saigon’ to now has truly been a dream come true,” he said.

The Filipino-Australian featured in events including the 2022 “Eurovision” and the 2015 “X Factor UK,” according to his bio on the “Miss Saigon” Australia website. Previous theatrical productions in Australia include “RENT the Rock Opera” in 2022 and “Sweet Charity” in 2013. My Lovers, a disco-pop song he also recorded, peaked at No. 5 on the Aria Charts.

“Miss Saigon” at The Theatre in Manila debuts on March 23 and continues through May 12.


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