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Milwaukee Bucks knock off Brooklyn Nets, 117-114

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It was a close Bucks vs Nets match in the game earlier but, ultimately, the Milwaukee Bucks clinched the win at the last minute at 117-114.

Giannis and Durant: Head to Head

The Bucks vs Nets game was basically a showdown between the two MVP greats, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Kevin Durant. Both players did impressive plays as they scored their season-highs during the game.

Giannis proved to be the star player for the Bucks and led the victory with a whopping 49 points with eight rebounds, four assists, and three blocks. But while the Nets didn’t bag the win, Durant still had an impressive performance. He scored 42 points with 10 rebounds.

Antetokounmp’s Game

Unfortunately, The Brooklyn Nets couldn’t keep up with the powerhouse Giannis as he landed shot after shot from the floor. Not only that, Antetokounmpo got the better of Durant on each end. The Bucks’ MVP was on fire: from throwing down an awesome alley-oop directly on Durant to blocking his midrange jumper out of the air.

Not even the Nets’ primary defender, Deandre Jordan, could keep up. 35 out of the 49 points that Giannis scored was with Jordan as the defender during this Bucks vs Nets game.

Race for the Top Spot

This loss for the Nets pulled them down to the number 2 spot in the rankings. The top spot is now claimed by the Philadelphia 76ers. The Bucks are following close behind on the 3rd spot. This has now become a tight race between the teams. It’s just a matter of time to see who’ll emerge as the best in the East Conference.

The Sixers have an easier schedule compared to the Nets, who has another match with the Bucks on Tuesday night. (Wednesday morning for us here in the Philippines)

Will the Brooklyn Nets be coming in with a new solid strategy to counter Antetokounmpo? Will the Milwaukee Bucks come out victorious again? Make sure to tune in on NBA TV Philippines for the upcoming Bucks vs Nets match on May 5, 7:30 am.

—(Source: CBS Sports)

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