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Maggie Wilson’s mother arrested for alleged carnapping

maggie wilsons mother arrested for alleged carnapping

MANILA PHILIPPINES – Filipino-British beauty pageant titleholder Maggie Wilson posted a series of Instagram stories and shared the unfortunate news about her mother being arrested after allegedly stealing a car on the morning of Wednesday, October 11.

“A few moments ago, multiple police officers came to arrest my mom,” Wilson wrote.

The arrest of Maggie Wilson’s mother, 64-year-old, has led the model seeking for answers. The model stated that her mother doesn’t know how to drive nor legally own a driver’s license.

“My mother has looked after our son and you through thick and thin. You’ve hit a new low,” Maggie Wilson wrote, seemingly hinting at an unknown personality.

However, Wilson said that she will continue documenting the events that have been happening for the past month. She also expressed how the government failed to attend to her concerns and that the justice system simply ignores her case. On the flip side, she remains optimistic that the rest of the world will lend an ear.

“One man is about to bring great shame to our country,” Wilson added.

While names weren’t dropped, netizens couldn’t help but guess that Maggie Wilson’s ex-husband, Victor Consunji, may be involved in this whole incident.

Later, the 34-year-old model shared an Instagram post that appears to be directed at Consunji, explaining that the whole issue didn’t ignite due to her wanting money.

Wilson stated that Consunji pledged to provide her with a monthly P20,000 stipend for her basic needs in late 202, but the businessman never followed through, nor did she attempt to ask for it.

“In fact, the house I moved into when I was still in Manila had six months’ worth of unpaid bills. I cleared that debt myself. I’ve even asked several times for the bank account details to pay for the ‘rent,’ but they wouldn’t give them to me,” Wilson said.

Wilson also alleged that Consunji had been utilizing borrowed money from investors to “try [to] get [her]” instead of paying off his debts to his suppliers, brokers, bank credit lines, and taxes, among others.

“I get phone calls and messages every single day from people chasing debt. If you think for a moment that this is about me extracting money from him, it’s quite the opposite,” she wrote.

Earlier, Maggie Wilson also went to Instagram to clarify that the news involved paid online trolls that spearheaded the current “smear campaign” against her and her company Acasa Manila.

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