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Liza Soberano Reveals the Concept of Love Teams in the Philippines

liza soberano reveals the concept of love teams in the philippines

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Filipino actress Liza Soberano shared her thoughts on love teams in the Philippines during an interview on the “Get Real” podcast with BTOB’s Peniel and Ashley Choi. 

She revealed that love teams are a huge phenomenon in the country, where two actors are paired together and become real-life couples both on and off camera. Soberano, who was part of the love team LizQuen with real-life boyfriend Enrique Gil, said that actors are expected to work only with each other throughout their entire career, and they are not allowed to be seen with any other male actor in their personal life.

“In the Philippines, there’s this huge phenomenon called love teams. It’s when they put two actors together and they become like ‘Brangelina.’ They ship you. But in this scenario, we’re supposed to be reel and real. We are supposed to be a real couple on and off cam. We only work with each other throughout our whole career,” she said.

“In love teams, you’re expected to be with just that one person throughout your career and in your personal life. People don’t want to see you aside any other male actor or any other male in general,” she added. 

She also explained how love teams are made, saying that actors are tested by putting them in a project together where they are not necessarily the leads. If the project becomes popular, they are then given their own TV show or movie.

Once they become a love team, they start project after project together. Soberano also revealed that love teams are not allowed to talk about their relationship if they are dating in real life to keep the fans hungry and excited for them.

“The thing is in the beginning of your love team, too, you’re not allowed to say that you are dating because you want to keep the fans kind of hungry for you guys to actually be dating. It helps with the projects because they are always excited,” she said.

“Whenever we do interviews going into the projects, they are always asking whether we are officially dating already or not. It becomes this whole thing where your career and your personal life — the line between the two gets blurred. People just don’t know what reality is,” she added.

Soberano’s love team, LizQuen, was one of the more popular love teams in the Philippines in the 2010s, along with KathNiel and JaDine. Love teams are also the only way for actors to become popular celebrities in the Philippines if they are not singers, according to Soberano. —WhatALife!/Jayve

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