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Kyle Douglas Jennerman Now Granted Filipino Citizenship

kyle dougnas jennerman granted filipino citizenship signed by president marcos

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Kyle Douglas Jennerman has just been granted Filipino Citizenship under Republic Act No. 11955, signed by President Ferdinand Marcos. 

The House of Representatives has approved the Canadian blogger on the third and final reading. House Bill 7185, which granted him Filipino citizenship, accumulated 244 “yes” votes, and there were no “no” votes. 

Representative of Laguna, Marlyn Alonte, said that Jennerman lived by introducing the Philippines to the rest of the world through his Youtube channel and showcasing the part of our country. 

“Through time, effort, and his love for the country, he has become an internet sensation with close to a million subscribers. Through his vlogs, he has created and published thousands of video content showcasing his real-life interactions and connections with the Filipino people and their culture all throughout his eight years of immersive travel across 80 of the country’s 81 provinces,” Alonte said in her explanatory note.

“In view of Kyle Jennermann’s contributions to the promotion of Filipino culture and identity to the rest of the world, the immediate approval of this bill is earnestly sought,” Alonte added.

On social media, Jennermann expressed his thanks and reflected on what it meant to “become Filipino” as he lauded the Philippines, a country in which he has had the “so privileged to deeply immerse and grow with… a place full of people that I idolize, learn from, appreciate, and share inspiration with.”

Under Republic Act No. 11955, it states Jennerman has been granted Philippine Citizenship having all rights and privileges of a Filipino, and will be taking his Oath of Allegiance with the Bureau of Immigration. 

After the Oath of Allegiance with the Bureau of Immigration, Jennerman can exercise his rights as a Filipino citizen. President Ferdinand Marcos approved the bill on August 4, 2023. – WhatALife!/Zain

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