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Konek Tayo Wifi: How to Register, Connect and Purchase Load

konek tayo wifi how to register connect and purchase promo

Konek Tayo Wifi is a Globe Telecom project that brings low-cost internet access directly to homes. This article will walk you through the steps on how to register, connect, and purchase load.

In today’s time, the Internet is essential for a variety of activities, particularly if you work from home. If you are a student, you can run an online business or take online classes.

For that reason, Globe Telecom decided to launch “Konek Tayo Wifi,” a program that provides Internet access in remote areas such as housing resettlement zones and villages with weak signals.

Connecting to the internet with Konek Tayo Wifi is easier because you don’t need to buy a modem; instead, simply connect to the hotspots and purchase a low-cost load.

What is Konek Tayo Wifi?

Konek Tayo WiFi is a fast and secure community WiFi service that provides affordable internet access to households without the need for a modem, postpaid subscription, or mobile data. It reflects Globe’s mission to increase access to high-quality, low-cost connectivity in the country.

It is a project that offers the most affordable community WiFi service and allows people to instantly connect to a hotspot and surf.

How do I register for Konek Tayo Wifi?

It is easier to register for Konek Tayo Wifi. Simply connect to a hotspot if one is nearby. Its wifi name is typically “@KonekTayoWifi,” and you can sign up for an account by simply clicking on it on your mobile or desktop device.

You can follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to your wifi setting and click @KonekTayoWifi. 

Note: You can only use this service if you are in areas where it is available.

  1. You are now directed to the homepage. From this, enter your mobile phone number and click the “Go” button.

Note that you must enter your current phone number. Although it’s is a project of Globe, you can still use your preferred network’s phone number from another network if you are currently using one to connect. Just click the “Go” button to proceed.

  1. Wait for the sign-up portal to take you to the next page.
  1. Wait for the one-time password (OTP) to be sent to your phone number.
  1. After receiving the OTP, enter it to proceed and click connect.

After that, you will be redirected to the Konek Tayo Wifi load and promo list. Then, choose one of the promos to connect to the internet.

How do I purchase Konek tayo Wifi Load?

To connect to the internet completely through Konek Tayo Wifi’s hotspot, you must first purchase a load. The load or “wifi plans” can be purchased in three ways: 

  1. Using your mobile phone
  2. Using Gcash
  3. Using a credit/debit card.

Choose and select your preferred promo or wifi plan then purchase. After the purchase, you will receive a confirmation and then you can now relax and enjoy browsing and surfing the internet.

Load Promos or Wifi Plans of Konek Tayo Wifi

Konek Tayo Wifi PromosAmountValidity & Features
KTBABAD30Php 306hours/Unli Data
KTBABAD50Php 501Day/Unli Data
KTBABAD350Php 3507Days/Unli Data
KTBABAD700Php 70015Days/Unli Data
KTBABAD1499Php 149930Days/Unli Data
KonekTayoWifi 5Php 53hours/500MB data
KonekTayoWifi199Php 1997Days/22 GB data
KonekTayoWifi15Php 151Day/1 GB data
KonekTayoWifi50Php 503Days/5 GB data
KonekTayoWifi99Php 997Days/10 GB data
KonekTayoWifi599Php 59915Days/55 GB data
KonekTayoWifi999Php 99930Days/100 GB data
KonekTayoWifi1375Php 137530Days/100 GB data

Where are Konek Tayo Wifi Spots available?

Admittedly, not every part of the country has Konek Tayo Wifi Spots. The official list of availability is listed below:

  • Disiplina Village Bignay, Valenzuela
  • Disiplina Village Ugong, Valenzuela
  • GK Alapan, Cavite
  • GK Marcelo, Paranaque
  • GK Toyota, Sta. Rosa
  • Urban Deca Homes, Manila
  • Lanit River Plains, Iloilo
  • The Flats BGC, Taguig
  • The Flats Amorsolo, Makati
  • U-Pad (Taft), Manila
  • Space Taft, Manila
  • Guadalupe Nuevo Dorm, Makati
  • Home 168 Dorm, Manila
  • Vitas LRB, Manila
  • St. Francis Village, Tacloban
  • North Hill Arbour, Tacloban
  • GMA, Tacloban
  • Greendale, Tacloban
  • Monchere Dorm, Manila
  • Guadalupe Heights, Tacloban
  • Paradies Heights, Manila
  • AMAIA Steps, Alabang
  • U-Pad (Espana), Manila
  • Rainbow Place Dorm, Manila
  • M Residence, Manila
  • K Residence, Manila
  • University of Homes Dorm, Manila
  • Unlad Dorm, Manila

Overall, this initiative by Globe is such a big help. People who live in remote areas can now have access to the internet because private companies are making it possible for them. Aside from that, its reasonable rates are also beneficial because the general public can afford it.

For more information about Konek Tayo Wifi, you may visit their HELP page. – WhatALife!

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