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Joko Diaz: Not an Overbearing Stage Father to Daughter Ashley

joko diaz says hes no stage father to daughter ashley

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Joko Diaz isn’t shy to admit that he advises his daughter Ashley such as following whatever director Roni Benaid tells her.

In a recent interview, actor Joko Diaz said he allows his daughter to approach her character — the high school student Karen who has a fascination for horror tales and urban legends — in her way.

Mary Cherry Chua, which Viva Films produce, is set to open in cinemas on July 19. It will be Ashley’s first lead role.

“I do always remind Ashley to take to heart everything the director is instructing her to do and whatever it is that is needed to (portray) the character. Other than that, you won’t hear anything from me,” said Joko, whose popularity rose to greater heights after playing the title role in The Grepor Butch Belgica Story, also produced by Viva Films in the ‘90s.

“I don’t want to be a stage father. I let her do her own acting style. But I always tell her that this is your character. Nililinaw ko lang rin sa kanya kung ano ‘yung sinabi ni direk and I explain to her that it’s up to her (as to) what approach to make,” he added.

Moreover, Joko said he’s very proud of his daughter’s acting performance after seeing the trailer of Mary Cherry Chua. 

“I’m so proud of her s’yempre. Sabi nga nila, dapat mas magaling ka sa anak mo. Pero parang mas magaling ‘yung anak ko sa akin, hahaha!”

Meanwhile, Ashley was delighted over what she heard from her father.

“It’s nice to know that he really believes in me.” Ashley said.

Stay tuned for Mary Cherry Chua and prepare for a spine-tingling experience this July 19! – WhatALife!/Val

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