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Janella Salvador on MV with Jane de Leon: Bigyan niyo muna kami ng GL para mag-kiss kami

janella salvador on mv with jane de leon bigyan niyo muna kami ng gl para mag kiss kami

Janella Salvador, a proud ally, recently made headlines with her bold request: “Bigyan niyo muna kami ng GL para mag-kiss kami” (“Give us a GL so we can kiss”). This statement follows the success of her new music video “Hey You,” which features her ‘Darna’ co-star Jane de Leon as her love interest.

The singer-actress shared her thoughts on her first Pride experience on social media, expressing her joy and gratitude. “My first pride experience was a dream,” Janella posted. “It was nice to see everyone in high spirits, openly showing each other affection and actively protesting for equal rights. I’m glad I was able to share this moment with you all before the rain poured, but I really hope you all kept safe out there! #PridePH”

Janella was a vibrant presence at the “Love Laban 2 Everyone” Pride Festival on June 22 at Quezon City Memorial Circle, which saw a turnout of around 200,000 supporters of the LGBTQIA+ community. Despite the inclement weather that shortened the Pride Night celebrations, spirits remained high as attendees celebrated their identities and fought for their rights. Similar marches took place in Baguio, Iloilo, Magsaysay, Catarman, and Iligan City.

In a heartfelt post, Janella declared, “This Barbie supports LGBT+ rights.” She went further, offering a special gift to the LGBTQIA+ community: the release of her “Hey You” music video on June 22. “Happy Pride, my dear vadengs! I hope you like my little gift,” she said.

“Hey You” Music Video: A Hit with Fans

The music video, which follows a GL (Girls’ Love) plot was a hit. “Hey You’s MV reached 100k streams in the span of 24 hours thanks to you all!!!! Crazy,” Janella excitedly shared.

Fans were thrilled by the sweet moments between Janella and Jane in the teaser posted on Instagram. However, some expressed disappointment that the video did not include a kiss. Addressing this, Janella candidly said, “Alam kong maraming naiinis na hindi natuloy ‘yung kiss sa video. Pero there’s a reason behind that.” She then made her bold request for a GL series to allow their characters to share a kiss, hoping it would open new opportunities for representation.

Janella’s participation in the Pride festival, along with her musical tribute and vocal support for LGBTQIA+ rights, highlights her dedication to the cause. As fans eagerly await future projects, Janella continues to use her platform to advocate for love and equality.

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