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Janella Salvador embraces multifaceted career, juggling music, film, and motherhood

janella salvador embraces multifaceted career juggling music film and motherhood

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Janella Salvado is set to make a start on a multifaceted career, encompassing acting, music, concerts, and international collaborations.

Her first focus in 2024 is the revival of her music career, a significant part of her identity as the daughter of theater luminary Jenine Desiderio and rock vocalist Juan Miguel Salvador. 

Janella, at 25, plans to release new singles leading up to a concert scheduled for April. Expressing her dedication to her musical roots.

She stated, “I want to make it a point that my music doesn’t disappear, ‘cause it’s a part of me. It’s actually where I started,” recalling her early introduction to singing at the age of three.

Following her musical pursuits, Janella is set to resume filming for her upcoming dark comedy-thriller film, “How To Be A Good Wife,” alongside co-star Jane de Leon. 

The duo, with an already established on-screen chemistry, is eagerly anticipated in their new project under the direction of Jun Lana.

While the clamor for a GL (girls’ love) movie starring Janella and Jane grows louder, Janella remains open to the possibility, revealing that they were initially slated for such a project. 

Though it didn’t materialize previously, both actresses express enthusiasm about the potential GL collaboration for their fans.

Adding an international flair to her acting repertoire, Janella takes the lead role in the movie “Under Parallel Skies,” a collaborative effort between the Philippines and Thailand. 

Partnering with popular Thai actor Win Metawin, Janella shared her initial awkwardness, attributing it to their shared introverted nature and cultural differences. 

However, acting workshops and her initiative helped build chemistry, making the collaboration a success.

Janella promises the film will deliver ‘kilig’ moments and heart-pinching scenes for viewers. Venturing into international collaborations expands her horizons but also means spending time away from her son, Jude. 

As a first-time mom, this separation is heartbreaking, yet Janella sees it as a testament to her inner strength and focus on her goals.

Despite the challenges, Janella finds fulfillment in witnessing Jude’s developmental milestones. As he grows more active, Janella, a staunch supporter of privacy, reflects on her decision to keep her child’s early months away from the public eye. 

Now, with Markus Paterson, her ex-boyfriend, as a supportive co-parent and her mom, Jenine, as a loving grandmother, Janella explores the complexities of showbiz and motherhood with grace.

As Janella Salvador continues her journey, celebrating her growth and embracing new opportunities, she remains a proud Kapamilya.

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