Home GUIDE: How to Avail Lazada Pay Later Payment Option

GUIDE: How to Avail Lazada Pay Later Payment Option

How to Avail Lazada Pay Later Payment Option

Are you an avid online shopper seeking a more flexible, hassle-free payment solution? Lazada brings an innovative payment process that will ease up your shopping experience! Lazada introduces the LazPayLater option. It is a convenient, secure, and easy-to-use online payment method that lets you shop now and pay later. Moreover, the pay-later option allows you to buy what you want without any constraints.

LazPayLater is designed to empower you with greater financial flexibility and peace of mind, allowing you to shop for your favorite products without any immediate upfront payment. Whether you’re eyeing the latest gadgets, fashion trends, home essentials, or anything in between, LazPayLater gives you the freedom to buy your desired products without worrying about immediate payment constraints. In simpler terms, it will help you buy now and pay later.

This article will provide a step-by-step process for using the payment method and get you approved within a few minutes. LazPayLater offers attractive interest rates and flexible payment terms tailored to your needs. You can choose from various payment plans, making managing your finances easier while enjoying the products you love.

Embrace a new era of online shopping with Lazada’s LazPayLater payment option, where you can access the products you desire now and pay for them later.

This article will show a step-by-step on how to avail Lazada Pay Later option.

How to Avail LazPayLater Option

Firstly, users must apply for it and follow the step-by-step process. 

  1. Open your phone onto your account and click the LazPayLater application page.
  2. Once directed to the page, read and agree to the terms & conditions and privacy policy of the buy now pay later Lazada payment option. After knowing the conditions of the plan, click “Apply Now.”
  3. An OTP (One-Time-Password) will be sent to the applicant’s phone number. Insert the six-digit code upon receiving it. IDs that can be used are;
    1. Passport
    2. Driver’s License
    3. UMID (Unified Multi-Purpose Identification) ID
    4. SSS (Social Security System) ID
  4. Take a selfie for verification.
  5. Fill up all necessary information in the form that Lazada requires you to fill.
  6. Submit the application
  7. After submitting, wait for the confirmation on your Lazada application.

After following the steps, verification may take from 5 minutes to 24 hours. If the verification has been deemed successful, users will be granted P15,000.

How to Use LazPayLater

After applying for the Lazada Pay Later option, it is required for you to learn how to use it. Using the payment option is simple and easy. So we will show you how to do it, step-by-step.

  1. Open your Lazada app, and choose what products you want to buy
  2. After choosing a product, click “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart” and proceed to the checkout.
  3. Once you’ve been directed to the checkout page, click “View All Methods” on the Select Payment Method and choose the LazPayLater option.
  4. Click “Select Installment Plan” if you would like to use installment options to pay off the product using LazPayLater.
  5. Choose your preferred installment plan and click “Confirm Selection.”

Installment plans may vary depending on the value of the product that has been transacted. 

How to Pay Back the Credit 

As easy as it is to spend the money LazPayLater provides, it is as easy to pay it back. Now, this section shows you steps on how to pay back the money that you borrowed.

  1. Enter the LazPayLater page on the app after clicking your account, proceed to click on “Pay Now.”
  2. Confirm the amount that has to be paid back and click “Continue.”
  3. After being redirected, choose the payment method to pay back the money, then click “Confirm Selection.”
  4. Records with payment information will be on the Transaction History Page so you can check it yourself.

If you prefer to pay it physically, you can deposit money into your Lazada Wallet by going to a 711 Cliqq or Touchpay kiosk. Payment options through Maya Pay and GCash are also available.

Final Thoughts

Lazada is a widely-used online shopping platform used by multiple individuals. It offers diverse products that can be delivered straight to your doorstep. Additionally, features like Lazada Pay later make it a better experience for customers. However, Lazada pay later reviews have included an extensive approval process. However, its flexible installment options make it worth the process.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lazada Buy Now Pay Later

If you’re an avid Lazada user and want to activate this payment option. Here is a list of commonly asked questions that may help you.

Why was my LazPayLater application rejected?

There is a possibility of applications being rejected. These may be due to:

  1. Some of the data you provided were invalid, incomplete, or inaccurate.
  2. Did not meet all required conditions.
  3. Have a bad credit history on other platforms.

Can I request to increase my current LazPayLater Credit Limit?

As of the moment, users are not able to increase their credit limit. Lazada will inform users if they are credible in increasing their credit limit.

Why is my approved limit lower than my income?

LazPayLater does not estimate the credit limit based on the user’s income, but rather it is calculated based on their personal information and a comprehensive evaluation of the user’s profile.

Why can’t I make a payment using LazPayLater?

There may be several situations in which this will happen.

  • The payment page is not loading.
    • This may happen due to an unstable internet connection.
  • Payment Overtime
    • Once the user has confirmed an order but did not choose a payment method within 24 hours, the order will not be processed.
  • Payment System Fail

Lazada Pay Later is a great payment option for those who want to buy products without the restraints of not having the money. Their payback method is straightforward, and the whole process is user-friendly so users can get used to it quickly. Payback options are also great as there are installment plans for it.

– WhatALife!/Zain

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