Home GUIDE: A Checklist for Finding the Most Reliable Courier Services in the Philippines

GUIDE: A Checklist for Finding the Most Reliable Courier Services in the Philippines


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With the rapid increase in globalization, Filipinos embraced the internet culture at an astonishing rate. And with the rise of internet traffic came the boom in online shopping. However, unlike the big online retailers with their delivery services, online shopping in the Philippines requires Third-party Courier Services, and here’s how to see if they offer reliable services!

Why Do I Need This Guide?

Suppose you’ve been using social media frequently. In that case, you must have seen a meme or two about courier service fails, such as packages falling on North Korean waters or delivery riders that had enough of being lost in the middle of nowhere.

Though some of these memes are exaggerated for comedic purposes, customers should note that every joke has an ounce of truth. Rude courier riders (people who deliver packages) are not uncommon, and some even take advantage of unknowing customers.

Although the service provider can’t directly control the problems presented, they can control how to proceed. After all, customer care is the most crucial element in creating loyal patrons.

A Checklist For Reliable Courier Service Providers in the Philippines

No Courier Service Provider will meet everyone’s expectations. Some might provide top-of-the-line service with a detailed customer care package, such as a dedicated insurance policy for certain items. At the same time, some might not be as fancy, but they’ll reliably deliver your Luffy action figure in one piece.

Reliable Delivery Service

Although this might be an obvious necessity when choosing a courier service provider, some might ignore this factor in favor of other aspects such as price and speed. However, every good courier service provider should ensure the reliable delivery of packages to their intended destinations within the promised timeframe.

In addition, courier service providers that have earned a good reputation regarding their delivery services usually have a fleet of planes, ships, trucks, and vans dedicated to safely moving your package from one place to another. Keep this in mind when choosing to send delicate and sensitive packages.

Safety and Security of the Packages

Another thing to look out for when selecting a courier service is their security measures when inspecting packages. Instances of damaged goods due to careless handling are not uncommon and have occurred to even the most reputable courier service providers.

The courier service provider should ensure that packages are handled with care and transported safely and securely to prevent damage or loss. One way to check if your parcels are safe is to check online forums and reviews.

Tracking and Communication

Tracking and communication are the most vital prerequisite for every modern courier service provider. Therefore, courier service providers should offer tracking and communication services to let customers know their packages’ status and provide updates. 

Customer support

Every good enterprise should have outstanding customer service. This is even more important for courier service providers. They should offer high-quality customer support, including prompt and helpful responses to inquiries or complaints since they deal with other people’s belongings.

Flexible services

Since courier service on a larger scale is logistics, the ones that offer more will be more successful. Some providers even offer remittance, which is the transfer of money from one place to another. They can also provide things not limited to moving cargo, such as packaging options and online commerce services.

With that said, courier service providers should offer flexible services that meet the diverse needs of customers, including various delivery options, packaging solutions, and pickup and drop-off locations.

Technological capabilities

Courier Service providers should have advanced technological capabilities to facilitate smooth and efficient delivery, including online booking, real-time tracking, and automated processing.

Some notable enterprises that offer a wide range of online services are LBC and DHL, with most of their services available online, ranging from booking, tracking, and customer service.

Competitive Pricing

One final factor to check for the reliability of a courier service provider is their price. They should offer competitive pricing, especially in the Filipino market, where discounts and sales are worth their weight in gold.

In addition, their pricing should also match the quality of their service since people will always expect more the higher they pay. However, there is no need to pay extravagant fees for extra add-ons if they’re not needed, so always check if you’re paying just for the service you need.

Final Thoughts

If a courier service provider matches at least five of the given reliability factors, chances are that they are trustworthy and dependable. This means that you’ll confident that your package will arrive safe and intact to whatever destination! –WhatALife!/Vaughn

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