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GMA-7’s Voltes V: Legacy –The Ultimate Cinematic Experience with its Epic Visuals

gma 7 releases voltes v legacy in cinemas

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — GMA-7’s highly-anticipated live action and CGI-heavy TV series, Voltes V: Legacy, is set to air on May 8, 2023, but as a prelude to the series, the network has released a cinema version to give fans “a cinematic experience.” The cinema version is currently showing in SM Cinemas and features the first three weeks of the upcoming big-budget series.

According to Kapuso President and CEO Felipe Gozon, the adaptation was “very difficult, very expensive” to produce, but will it meet the expectations of the fans? The answer seems to be a resounding yes as Voltes V: Legacy is being hailed as a visual feast.

The superb visual effects are the first thing that catches the audience’s attention, although there are a few hard-to-miss details that show the limitations of CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery). One example is the cartoonish appearance of the Voltes V members while alighting from the launch conveyors.

The musical score is also a standout, with familiar tunes that will have viewers tapping their fingers or singing along.

The cast is another highlight, with standout performances from Miguel, who plays Steve Armstrong, the leader of Voltes V team, and Carla Abellana, who portrays a doting mother. Epy Quizon, who plays the Boazanian scientist Zuhl, also does a good job.

Funny punchlines that lighten up the fight scenes are also present, and the climax of the cinema cut, which is a major highlight, features the final battle of Voltes V and a beast fighter while a dramatic scene is happening at the same time. It culminates in a bittersweet ending that is very moving.

Voltes V: Legacy — A Cinematic Experience makes for an excellent and impressive build-up for the upcoming Kapuso TV series airing on May 8, 2023. Voltes V was originally launched in 1977 and hit the small screen in the Philippines in 1978. Since then, the anime series has had a number of reruns, has been dubbed into English and Tagalog, and has created a huge following among Filipino viewers. – WhatALife!/Jayve

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