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DICT partners with LGU to ramp up SIM registration


MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Several Local Government Units (LGUs) have committed to support SIM card registration, according to the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT).

In a statement on Tuesday, DICT Undersecretary and spokesperson Anna Mae Yu Lamentillo said several mayors are ready to support SIM registration by encouraging and informing their constituents of its importance.

“Just yesterday (Monday), I met with the Association of Chief Executives of Negros Occidental in the City of Victorias,” said Lamentillo.

She also added that a lull is expected after the first month of registration. However, another surge is imminent when the April 26 deadline nears.

The partnership of DICT and LGUs is a move that will help ramp up the number of registered SIM cards before the deadline, as well as address the downturn during the following weeks.

Lamentillo also noted that not all 168 million active subscribers are expected to register by April 26.

“We expect that those SIM cards which were used in scams, cybercrimes and the like would not be registered and there are subscribers who would opt not to register for personal reasons,” she said.

On the official website of NTC, only 27,005,612 SIM cards have been registered out of the 168 million total subscribers in the country.

Smart Communications Inc. tallies 13 million registered users, or 20 percent of their 67 million subscribers. Globe Telecom tallies 11 million registered SIMs, 12 percent of its 87 million subscribers. Meanwhile, DITO Telecommunity recorded a total of 2 million registered SIM cards, 16 percent of their 13 million users.

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