Home Death toll in Davao de Oro landslide climbs to 90

Death toll in Davao de Oro landslide climbs to 90

death toll in davao de oro landslide climbs to 90

DAVAO, PHILIPPINES- The death toll from the devastating landslide in Maco, Davao de Oro, continues to rise, reaching 90 fatalities, with several others still missing and injured.

The tragic landslide that struck Maco, Davao de Oro, has claimed the lives of 90 individuals, as reported by the provincial government. 

The incident, which occurred on February 6, has left a trail of destruction, with rescue efforts ongoing to locate survivors and recover bodies buried under the rubble.

Many of those who perished were Apex Mining Corporation employees who were going to depart the region after a long day at the mine. 

Some of them were already in buses and jeepneys, which were later buried by mud and boulders.

While the number of missing persons has decreased to 38, authorities remain vigilant in their search and rescue operations, combing through the debris in hopes of finding any remaining survivors.

At least 32 individuals have been reported injured as a result of the landslide, receiving urgent medical attention to treat their injuries.

Among the grim statistics, the plight of eight unidentified victims stands out, their bodies remaining unclaimed as families await closure and confirmation of their loved ones’ fate. 

The process of identification and notification adds another layer of complexity to the already challenging task of managing the aftermath of the disaster.

The Davao de Oro provincial government, along with local authorities and rescue teams, continues to coordinate efforts to provide assistance to affected communities and support to those impacted by the tragedy. 

Relief operations, medical assistance, and counseling services are being mobilized to address the immediate needs of survivors and their families.

As the search and recovery operation persists, attention is also focused on understanding the factors that contributed to the landslide and implementing measures to prevent similar disasters in the future. 

Mitigation strategies, land use planning, and disaster preparedness initiatives are essential components of safeguarding vulnerable areas and ensuring the safety and well-being of residents.

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