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Cybersleuths speculate Valorant Agent 19 is a Filipino


Riot Games’ Valorant recently launched its 18th agent, Italian assassin Chamber, and like its past patch releases, cybersleuths have dug up clues for the upcoming map and agent 19.

Following this tweet posted by Valorant, eagle-eyed fans quickly noticed the binary code displayed on the left monitor, “00110001 00110100 00101110,” which translates to the coordinates somewhere in Taguig City, Philippines. This discovery led to the conclusion that the next agent could be Filipino.

In the recent update, Riot Games added Brimstone’s hidden office under the firing range map, which features more clues, hints, and an in-depth look into Valorant lore. Additionally, players can listen to a voicemail sent by Chamber talking about adding Valorant agent 19 and a training expansion for the protocol, supporting the speculations.

“I’ve sent you my intel for number 19. As you see, her abilities are uniquely suited to help the special project. She’s the perfect fit, I think,” Chamber said.

Dataminer @Shiick shared more voice lines online, and in one of them, Chamber can be heard addressing agent Viper’s outfit and name-dropping the Philippines’ capital, Manila, in his quip.

“Viper, your suit is a little stifling, no? When you go meet the new agent, maybe pack something light. Manila is quite warm this time of year,” Chamber said.

Other voice lines likewise suggest the next agent is one of the Radiants, a group of individuals who developed supernatural abilities following the First Light event that affected Earth.

If the deductions prove accurate, this character will become the first Filipino and Southeast Asian agent in Valorant, a follow-up to Riot Games’ character producer John Goscicki teased in July, Mindanao Times reported.

“It’s absolutely awesome and we’d love to actually make an agent from Southeast Asia at some point,” Goscicki shared. “As to when, I can’t say on that one but it’s definitely on top of mind for us.”

Valorant in the Philippines

“I was actually kind of surprised at first with the popularity of the game primarily because — in the Philippines and Indonesia in particular — COVID happened last year,” Hulog told Yahoo! Esports Southeast Asia. “The main way that we thought people would get to know about the game was through PC cafes, but most of those were closed and shuttered.”

In an interview with Yahoo! Esports Southeast Asia, Riot Games’ general manager for Southeast Asia and Taiwan, Justin Hulog, said he did not expect the game to become a hit in the Philippines, considering the country has been severely stricken by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I was actually kind of surprised at first with the popularity of the game primarily because — in the Philippines and Indonesia in particular — COVID happened last year,” Hulog said.

What is Valorant?

Set in the near future, Valorant is a free-top-play first-person hero shooter launched amid the pandemic lockdown in June 2020. The development of the game started in 2014 and was first teased under the codename Project A in October 2019. It takes inspiration from the Counter-strike series and Call of Duty: Black Ops of tactical shooters. Unfortunately, for now, it is only available to download and play for Windows PC.

According to activeplayer.io, the game has around 13 million average monthly players. Since its launch, Valorant has hosted three Esports tournaments: VALORANT Challengers, VALORANT Masters, and currently, VALORANT Champions—its first world championship tournament.

If you want to check the game out, you can download it here.

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