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Coco Martin,’Batang Quiapo’ Stars Address Filming Issues during Quiapo Taping

coco martin addresses batang quiapo filming issues

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Coco Martin, lead star of FPJ’s Batang Quiapo, made an exciting announcement during a media conference. He revealed that his character, Tanggol, would embark on a new chapter in his life.

The press event also provided an opportunity for Coco Martin, along with other cast members from ABS-CBN’s primetime series, to address the issues surrounding the filming of Batang Quiapo, particularly allegations of disruption to businesses in the Quiapo area.

Coco acknowledged the phenomenon in the entertainment industry, where fans visit filming locations both locally and internationally. He emphasized that the same excitement existed in the Philippines, where sites featured in films and soap operas often become tourist attractions. 

 “With social media, it’s easy for people to form opinions that can either enhance or damage something. Maybe there are individuals who are not entirely supportive of us or Batang Quiapo, but I don’t pay much attention to such issues. When you know it’s not true, it’s best not to give it too much energy or time,” the actor stated.

Charo Santos-Concio, who portrays Tanggol’s grandmother Tindeng, shared her experience of filming in Quiapo, highlighting the respect the production team showed towards the area and its residents. She emphasized that they never felt unwelcome.

“We were very welcomed at the place. They were very kind and I am proud to say that the production team, maayos and they gave respect to the place which is very important,” she furthered.

Lorna Tolentino, who recently joined the series as Amanda, mentioned that she filmed in various locations around Quiapo. She expressed that she did not feel unwelcome and had a positive experience.

“Even in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, when we also shot in Quiapo, where my character Lily started, we didn’t encounter any problems,” the actress commented.

Ronnie Lazaro, who plays Lucio in the series, added, “What we are doing in Quiapo is challenging, and we couldn’t accomplish it without the support of the people around us. We were warmly welcomed.”

During a press conference, Coco Martin revealed that a kissing scene during Lovi Poe’s Mokang debut party in Batang Quiapo was not part of the original script. Coco improvised the scene on the spot, believing it would enhance the story as Mokang dreams about it afterward. 

Despite feeling initially shy about the scene due to his dual role as actor and director, Coco fully embraced it after sensing Lovi’s enthusiasm. Lovi admitted to feeling romantic excitement (kilig) during the scene and praised Coco’s hard work and passion as a co-actor.

In real life, Lovi Poe is in a relationship with her British boyfriend, Monty Blencowe. When asked about his relationship status, Coco humorously replied, “Single, single, double, double.” Coco has long been rumored to be in a relationship with Kapamilya actress Julia Montes. – WhatALife!/Jayve

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