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BLACKPINK’s Jisoo blooms in style with captivating title poster for ‘FLOWER’

blackpink jisoo releases title poster for flower

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA — Blinks Alert! Jisoo, a member of the world-renowned K-pop girl group BLACKPINK, unveiled the official title poster for her upcoming solo single “FLOWER” on March 19. The poster has since caught the attention of fans with Jisoo’s stunning visuals, fashion, and aura.

In the poster, Jisoo can be seen wearing chic clothing, her gaze captivating enough to dominate anyone’s bias list. The title poster also revealed that “FLOWER” is going to be the title track for her highly anticipated first solo single album “ME.”

Jisoo’s new poster for her impending solo debut caught the attention of BLINKs in a forum, who gushed about how stunning she looked and how charming the picture was. They also observed the font used for the poster’s title in Hangul, which has a rose-like shape.

Meanwhile, several people were shocked to see that Jisoo’s solo debut title track doesn’t begin with the letter “O,” disproving their title speculations and inspiring amusing comments.

For additional context, Jennie’s “SOLO,” Lisa’s “LALISA,” and Rosé’s “On The Ground” were the first letters of BLACKPINK’s previous members’ solo debuts, which are said to make up the word “SOLO.”

With the poster’s release, fans are eagerly anticipating Jisoo’s upcoming solo project, with many praising her for her stunning appearance and undeniable talent. 

Jisoo released distinct concept photos for her album “ME” on March 9 and 13, in addition to revealing its title. The singer also released Visual Film #1 as a new teaser for her solo.

Watch the full video of Jisoo’s visual film here:

Jisoo’s solo debut is set to drop on March 31, 2023, Friday.  – WhatALife!/Jayve

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