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Angelica Panganiban Diagnosed with Bone Disease

angelica panganiban diagnosed with bone disease

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – ABS-CBN actress Angelica Panganiban recently revealed that she was diagnosed with Avascular Necrosis.

“Avascular Necrosis is a disease that results from the temporary or permanent loss of supply of blood to the bone. When blood supply is cut off, the bone tissue dies and the bone collapses. If Avascular Necrosis happens near a joint, the joint may collapse.” says Johns Hopkins Medicine.

The actress announced that her bone condition began when she got pregnant in 2022. This information was revealed in a YouTube video.

In the video the actress shared that “May mga iniinda akong sakit sa hips. Well, nagsimula ‘to nu’ng buntis ako. Siguro mga six months into pregnancy, mayroon na akong mga nararamdamang sakit on hips.”

The actress initially thought that the pain was only caused by her pregnancy, but her condition seemed to worsen after she gave birth to her child. Angelica also shared that it got to the point where she couldn’t walk. 

“May nakita silang liquid doong sa bandang singit ko, so na-advise ako na mag therapy because hindi ko inoption ang pag-inom ng gamot dahil I am breastfeeding. Nagkaroon ng isang time na hindi na ako makalakad again, sobra akong in pain. Iyak ako nang iyak.” Panganiban shared.

Furthermore, the actress stated that the only solution to her ongoing health issue is surgery. “Ang tanging solution niya, sabin niya sa akin, ay surgery, parang joint replacement na nakakatakot pakinggan.”

However, the actress is considering less invasive approaches to her condition. Angelica’s bone specialist recommended she do platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, which require medical professionals to cultivate plasma from the actress’ blood to inject it into her bones as treatment.

Panganiban also revealed that when she underwent an MRI test, it showed that her hip bones had already died, which led to her having difficulties being mobile.

In her overall experience with her health treatments, the actress shared her sentiments, saying she deeply questions the experience. Emphasizing that steroids, which are part of her treatment plan, have never been incorporated into her lifestyle.

The actress said “Nakaramdam ako ng awa sa sarili ko na, ‘Bakit ako? Bakit sa akin nangyari ito?’ Ano ‘yung cause niya? Wala. Malas lang talaga at nangyari siya sa akin.”

However, despite her tough condition, Angelica is determined to stay positive and in better spirits now that they’re starting her treatment.

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