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AERIAL VIEW: Cugman National High School New Building

aerial view cugman national high school new building

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, PHILIPPINES — Construction continues for the new Cugman National High School Building. This is a P64 million 4-storey structure, with 42 classrooms to be used in one hectare lot. It is located in Cugman, Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental.

Watch aerial view by Voxel Works Digital below: 

This project was approved by the Local School Board, headed by Mayor Oscar Moreno, and the school’s Division Superintendent Jonathan S. De La Peña, after a thorough discussion about the purpose of having to relocate the campus. 

According to information gathered, the current location of the Cugman National High School is not conducive to learning anymore due to its proximity to the City Slaughterhouse, where an unpleasant odor causes inconvenience to both students and faculty. 

The aerial video above is captured by Voxel Works Digital. It shows the four-floor building is now at a better place surrounded by trees and is close to being finished. Painted in white, the area also has a wide space for parking.

As everything is slowly getting back to normal due to the pandemic, it will not be long enough that all schools will eventually open. This new campus is intended to give comfort and a much better learning environment for the upcoming students and faculty in Cugman once the time comes.

For more aerial videos of new projects around CDO, check out Voxel Works Digital today.

Source: (cdodev.com)

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