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Actor Lee Seung Gi Refuses to Break Up with Wife Over Family Background Differences

actor lee seung gi refuses to break up with wife

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA — Veteran South Korean actor and singer Lee Seung Gi has taken to Instagram to address the negative comments about his marriage to Lee Da In, saying that his wife’s family background should not be a reason for them to break up.

The couple tied the knot on April 7, 2023, but negative comments continue to be shared on social media even days after the wedding, prompting the actor to speak out.

Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In first revealed their relationship in 2021, which faced immediate backlash due to Da In’s mother, veteran actress, and singer Kyun Mi Ri, and her alleged involvement in a stock manipulation scandal years ago.

Despite this, the couple’s relationship stayed strong, and Seung Gi even gave a low-key shoutout to Da In during his acceptance speech at the 2021 SBS Entertainment Awards.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Seung Gi clarified several issues surrounding his marriage and his in-laws, including that his parents-in-law had filed a complaint against media outlets that had reported they had embezzled money through stock price manipulation.

He also denied using product placement during his wedding and accused his former agency, Hook Entertainment, of slandering his father-in-law’s name.

Seung Gi also requested that the media contact his agency or manager before releasing stories that could easily be verified first.

In part two of his statement, Seung Gi apologized to his fans for their hurt feelings due to the “flood of articles” on alleged issues concerning his in-laws.

“My wife did not choose her parents…so how can I say we should break up because of her parents’ issues?” he said, adding that they will live and share together and promised to support places that are in great need of assistance, regardless of malicious comments.

Seung Gi has been a celebrity for 20 years, and despite acknowledging that his statements could be a basis for even more malicious articles, he decided to speak up because of all the negativity he and Da In have had to deal with since their dating news first broke.

“Just please watch over us. I will live and share with Lee Da In. I believe that is the best that I can do,” he said.

Read his full statement below:

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