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XU, CLI collaboration for the future development of ‘Masterson campus’

Cagayan de Oro, Philippines – On July 17, Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan (XU) shares campus of the future development plans for its Manresa campus, in collaboration with Cebu Landmasters Inc (CLI). In a disclosure, the Cebu province-based real estate firm will be transforming XU’s 63.5-hectare property in Manresa into a premier university township for the next 8-10 years. XU has been considering to move the majority of its Corrales campus to provide a better student environment. Three years into developing a masterplan for a campus of the future, XU chose to partner with real estate developer CLI. This campus of the future and township will have modern school buildings and administration facilities that would cater to the academic and technical-vocational courses, as well as dormitories. Furthermore, the development will also feature wide-open spaces and greeneries—main plaza, interconnected courtyards, sports facilities, amphitheater, and a University forum. It will also retain the 25-hectare forest reserve in Manresa. As stated in the proposal, the 14.3-hectare portion of Manresa will be acquired by CLI and will develop it into commercial, residential, office, and leisure spaces. Also purchasing a portion of the downtown campus, CLI will transform it into CDO central business district at the same time preserving the Church of the Immaculate Conception. The acquisition would fund the project, as well as the redesign of the Corrales campus for XU’s School of Medicine, College of Law, and other graduate programs which will stay in downtown. Though the proposed project is still pending for the final approval by the Jesuit central leadership in Rome, the soon Masterson campus upholds a promising future not only for the Xavier Ateneans but also for Kagay-anons and the entire Mindanao.   —(Source: Xavier University) (Cover image via Cebu Landmasters Inc.)

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