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WATCH: Official MV Ed Sheeran’s The Joker and The Queen (ft. Taylor Swift)


The iconic friendship between Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift has once again blessed us with another song! 

Artist and musician Ed Sheeran released a remix of his song, The Joker and The Queen featuring fellow singer Taylor Swift on YouTube today, February 11th. This came after thankfully recovering from COVID-19 after testing positive in October of last year

Watch the official music video below:

The Joker and The Queen is a cinematic folk/piano song that’s both haunting and sweeping. Sheeran performed the song on February 8th of this year, at the 2022 BRIT Awards held at London’s O2 Arena.

The Joker and The Queen peaked on Australia’s charts at #66, the Canadian Hot 100 at #78, and on the Sweden Heatseeker at #1! Also, the song is currently sitting on the Billboard Global 200 at #99.

The song is balladesque and really tugs at your heart. Sheeran’s soft tones feature heavily alongside the sentimental strumming of guitar strings. But with The Joker and The Queen remix featuring Taylor Swift, it just adds a whole new layer as Swift’s vocals enter accompanied by piano keys.

While Ed Sheeran made the original song solo, the music video itself is of the remix between country/pop singer Taylor Swift. The friendship between the two will span nearly a decade as of this year. Sometime after the pair first met in 2012, they released the song, Everything Has Changed.

The Joker and The Queen music video accompanies two youths, the grown-up versions of the two kids from the Everything Has Changed music video! You heard right, the two main characters in The Joker and The Queen are played by the pair who acted as Sheeran and Swift’s children!

In the music video nine years on, we see that the kids have grown apart as they grew up, as many do in real life. Their paths have diverged and they’ve taken on their own lives in entirely different settings. Yet at one point we see that they’ve each kept a picture of them as kids from the Everything Has Changed music video and seem to be yearning for the old closeness. 

In fact, even as the two attend the big teenage parties with all the trimmings, it seems like something’s missing. The violins and Swift’s vocalizing elevate the scenes. However, everything has slowed down to a crawl and yet the two separated friends don’t seem to find any joy in it. 

They only seem to be happiest at the end, where they’ve reunited and are just hanging out on the curb.

Swift herself is fresh from dropping her versions of some of her songs, AKA the ‘Taylor’s Versions.’ Her most recent one was ‘I Bet You Think About Me.’  – WhatALife! / Alex

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