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TWICE members launch individual Instagram accounts

twice members launch individual instagram accounts min

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA — All nine members of the TWICE girl group recently launched their personal Instagram accounts today, May 17, after their debut for almost seven years starting in 2015.

The South Korean group members’ verified solo accounts went public during their contract renewal season. 

For the past years, they have been sharing their photos through their joint Instagram account with the username ‘@twicetagram.’

On Monday, May 16, they all posted the same group photo taken at the group’s recent US concert to commemorate their first post on their separate accounts.

They took the picture during a bright day in the Banc of California Stadium.

Members Mina and Tzuyu are the only members to have shared one photo so far. Meanwhile, the others have already uploaded two posts to their respective accounts.

The members’ usernames are as follows: Tzuyu (@thinkaboutzu), Mina (@mina_sr_my), Jeongyeon (@jy_piece), Momo (@momo), Nayeon (@nayeonyny), Chaeyoung (@chaeyo.0), Sana (@m.by__sana), Dahyun (@dahhyunnee), and Jihyo (@_zyozyo).

In Jeongyeon’s second post, she uploaded a selfie showing herself applying lipstick. Meanwhile, Momo shared a backstage snapshot.

Nayeon uploaded mixed snapshots of pictures, including selfies and full-body shots.

Chaeyoung shows her artistic side by sharing a photo of her colorful art with her followers.

Meanwhile, Sana flaunts her beauty in her recent post while showing herself wearing a handkerchief top paired with wide-leg jeans. Dahyun also exhibited her toned body while wearing a pleasant outfit.

Lastly,  member Jihyo presented her natural side by posting a candid picture. 

According to KBIZoom News, the creation of the accounts spread worries and rumors to their fans as this might be a sign that the members are not extending their contract with JYP Entertainment.

Despite the spreading rumors, there has been no official announcement on any member contracts expiring this year. Recently, netizens are discussing the matter with numerous people speculating that some of the group’s members might be leaving their agency to pursue solo careers. – WhatALife!

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