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Netflix’s ‘The Sound of Magic’ garners international popularity

the sound of magic gains international popularity

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA — The latest Netflix series, ‘The Sound of Magic,’ garnered popularity internationally and got 5th place in the overall ranking.

The drama and illusionist genre series got first ranking in ‘Netflix Popular TV Programs’ in 15 countries after its simultaneous episode release last Friday, May 6, in 190 countries worldwide.

The portrayal of the new Korean drama is in a musical form. 

The story is about a mysterious magician named Ri Eul, Ji Chang Wook’s role, who suddenly appeared before a girl who lost hope in her dreams. 

The drama revolves around Yoon A Yi, Choi Seong Eun’s role, and Na Il Deung, a character portrayed by Hwang In Yeop. The series is based on the webtoon of the same title, written and drawn by Ha Il Kwon.

The artist is renowned for his other works, and among his works includes ‘Sambong Barbershop’ and ‘The God of Bath.’

The viewers will see actors singing and dancing in the episodes, making them unique in Korean drama works. It’s a type of hard-to-find drama in Korea. 

The first director to take the challenge of drama and musical layout combination is Kim Sung Yoon.

Director Kim explains that he did not intentionally make a music-focused drama, but he stated his goal to give the film’s protagonist heightened emotion. 

Although it was not supposed to be a musical drama, it is popular with international viewers, including India, who appreciate those kinds of ‘music dramas.’

India is a known country that created the Bollywood genre, where musical components such as dancing and music appear to guide the play’s atmosphere.

The film presents several scenes of the cast dancing and singing together, which they interpret as a factor that caught the attention of Indian viewers. – WhatALife!

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