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Taylor Swift shows love and support to the Big Mamba’s daughter, Bianka Bryant during Eras Tour

taylor swift has a sweet interaction with bianka bryant

With Swift’s tour going across the country all summer, many fans, celebrities, and famous athletes wanted to attend her concert. In her recent concert at SoFi stadium in Los Angeles, Taylor Swift had a sweet interaction with Kobe Bryant’s daughter Bianka Bryant.

The six-year-old also went to the concert with her mom, Vanessa Bryant, and her sisters, Natalia and Capri.

As she was performing, she saw Kobe Bryant’s daughter Bianka Bryant while she was performing her hit song “22.” She got Bianka to come near her so that she could give her “22” hat to Bianka Bryant and gave her a huge hug.

Bianka’s older sister, Natalia Bryant, posted the interaction on her Instagram, captioning the post with, “I don’t know how it gets better than this.”

Their mother, Vanessa Bryant, posted pictures from the concert and messages of love for Taylor on Instagram. Even an old video of her late daughter Gianna dancing to You Belong With Me with Natalia was featured. 

Vanessa has also posted a series of pictures of her and her children enjoying the concert and even snapping a group photo with Taylor Swift. She even posted a video of Kobe Bryant and Taylor Swift being on the same stage as Kobe presented a banner for Taylor Swift, selling out 16 shows in Los Angeles. 

The clip went viral right after getting posted. Everyone wanted to show love to Taylor Swift for having a moment with Bianka Bryant.

An artist with the level of fame as Taylor Swift can only connect with fans so much of the time, especially while fans are watching her perform, but the fact that Taylor Swift took a moment of her time to have a moment with Bianka Bryant says a lot about her character. Kobe and Vanessa Bryant’s second-youngest child, Bianka, is well known for being a passionate Swift fan.

Sports fans miss the great Big Mamba, Kobe Bryant. Even after his passing in a tragic incident, fans are happy to see that the family is doing well as they see the interaction Taylor Swift has had with Bianka. – WhatALife!/Zain

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