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Slater Young Apologizes About His Controversial Comment on Men Fantasizing Other Women

slater young apologizes about his controversial comment

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Slater Young apologizes about his recent controversial comment on how “normal” it is for men to fantasize about other women even when they’re in a relationship. He later realizes his mistake in his remarks after gaining social media attention.

In an episode on their podcast, Young replied to an anonymous person talking about arguing with her boyfriend because she caught him “fantasizing” about other women in his group chat. The former PBB housemate said that it is “very normal” for taken men to fantasize about other women.

His comment spread out on social media and caught the eye of the netizens, demanding Young and his wife go on a separate podcast on Monday and address the issue. 

Young stated that it had been a hard few days since his comment went viral. 

“Sometimes, you think that you did something OK and it takes a little while for it to sink in na, ‘Oo nga ‘no. Mali pala talaga ako,” Young stated in a new podcast.

He admitted to being defensive about his comment the first few days, thinking what he said had nothing wrong. After reading some comments and thinking through the situation, Young said he realized his mistake.

“And I finally realized na, ‘Oh my God, I really made a mistake because I’m giving it power to say it’s OK,” Young said.

He has realized his mistake and realized that his comments made it sound like he was fine with objectifying women. Young’s wife, Uy, spoke about how he used the term “fantasize” lightly, which also probably caused netizens to send him hate comments.

Young realized that he should have given better examples of the situation and knows he should have called out his own wrongdoing. He has taken responsibility for his action and held himself to a higher standing by not making the same mistake again.

Young realized that he has to be more careful of what he says because of the platform that they have. People listen to them, and a person like Young will have a huge impact with his words.

“When I read the articles, I don’t feel angry. I feel ashamed na nako-quote ako ng ganyan and like parang, ‘Ah, this is not me and I wish I could take it back,’” Young regrettingly stated.

Young says that he really does apologize and needs time to reflect on his actions.

Uy defended her husband, knowing that he was not the kind of person to do such things, and he only made a mistake with his poor choice of words.  – WhatALife!/Zain

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