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Sandara Park jokingly asks regarding no Picture at the ABS-CBN Hallway

sandara park jokingly asks regarding no picture at the abs cbn hallway

Sandara Park made the crowd laugh after she jokingly asked why she had no portrait in the ABS-CBN hallway. Park first gained popularity during her appearance on the show “Star Circle Quest,” the show that was produced by none other than ABS-CBN.

Her popularity on the show ignited Sandara Park’s journey to becoming the top star she is today.

Famous K-Pop singer and actress Sandara Park returned to the popular noontime show “It’s Showtime.” During her guest appearances, she performed her single “Festivals” and “I am the Best.”

Local show host Anne Curtis asked the K-pop star how she feels that Filipino fans are still dubbing her as the “Pambansang Krung-Krung ng Pilipinas.” The star replied that’s the reason why she loves the Philippines.

She recalled her time being in the Philippines and on ABS-CBN, where she had started her career. During her moment in recalling her humbled past, she adds a joking remark: “Pakilagay niyo po ‘yung picture ko.” 

This joke brought out laughter from both the show hosts and audiences alike. Park continues on to promote her first solo album in 20 years. She then danced to the theme song of “Mini Ms. U” alongside the show hosts. 

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