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PBB History Quiz Episode: Why it went trending online

pbb history quiz episode summary

MANILA, Philippines — PBB trends on social media after an episode of its Philippine history quiz bee hosted by Robi Domingo. Check out why it trended below.

In the episode posted by the show on April 10, 2022, the teen housemates participate in a series of history quizzes.

Watch the episode below:

In each of the rounds, Robi Domingo asks participants historical questions that they need to answer to have a point for their team. 

Round 1: Maxine and Paolo

The first round is for Maxine and Paolo, where they have questions such as,

“Ilan ang bilang at anu-ano ang mga kulay ng matatagpuan sa watawat ng pilipinas?”

(What are the colors found in the flag of the Philippines and how many are there?)

Paolo answered it correctly by saying “4.”

The next question was, “Sa anong bansag mas kilala ang Filipino general na si Gregorio del Pilar?” 

(By what name is Filipino General Gregorio del Pilar better known?)

Maxine answered ‘Gregorio,’ while Paolo answered correctly by saying ‘Goyo.’

Round 2: Eslam and Rob

The second round goes to Eslam and Rob and had questions such as, “Ang ina na katipunan na si Melchora Aquino ay kilala din sa bansag na?” 

(The Mother of the Katipunan, Melchora Aquino, is also known by the nickname?)

None of the participants got the correct answer ‘Tandang Sora,’ as Rob wrongly answered by saying ‘Ninoy Aquino,’ while Eslam answered ‘Nanay ng Bansa.’

Their next question was, “Ilan ang tao sa harap ng 1000 peso bill?” 

(How many people are in front of the 1000 peso bill?)

Eslam got the point by answering “3.”

The last question for the second round was, “Sinong Philippine president and nasa 20 peso bill at coin?”

(Who is the Philippine president on the 20 peso bill and coin?)

Eslam again got the point with his answer, “Manuel L. Quezon.”

Round 3: Kai and Gabb

The round that went to the top trending topic on Twitter with the tagline ‘GomBurZa,’ is the third round for Kai and Gabb.

Their first question was, “Si Dr. Jose Rizal ay kilala sa kanyang palayaw na?”

(Dr. Jose Rizal is known by his nickname?)

Kai pressed the buzzer first and answered, “Jose.” Gabb then got the correct answer by saying, “Pepe.”

The next question for the round was, “Anong pangalan ng tulay na itinuturing na pinakamahabang tulay sa Pilipinas?” 

(What is the name of the longest bridge in the Philippines?)

Gabb answered with the word, “SLEX,” while Kai correctly answered, “San Juanico Bridge.”

The last question given to them was, “Sinong bayani ang nasa 5 peso coin?”

(Who is the hero in the 5 peso coin?)

Gabb answered “Apolinario Mabini,” while Kai answered it correctly by saying, “Emilio Aguinaldo.”

The trending topic “GomBurZa” came up when Robi asked the contenders

“Sina Mariano Gomez, Jose Burgos, at Jacinto Zamora ay mas kilala sa tawag na?”

(Mariano Gomez, Jose Burgos, and Jacinto Zamora are better known by?)

Neither of the representatives got the right answer, instead guessing on the names presented on the screen – Kai answering “Marjo” and Gab “Majoha.”

Final Round: Ashton and Dustine

The last round for the history quiz goes to Ashton representing Team Luke and Dustine representing Team Dustine.

Their first question was, “Ang Spoliarium ay obra ng sikat ng pintor na ito, sino sya?”

(The Spoliarium is the work of this famous artist, who is he?)

Ashton buzzed first with a correct answer, “Juan Luna.”

Their next question: “Ibigay ang pamagat ng dalawang kilalang libro ng pambansang bayani na si Dr. Jose Rizal?”

(Give the title of the two well-known books of the national hero Dr. Jose Rizal?)

Dustine answered correctly by saying, “El Filibusterismo at Noli Me Tangere.”

Another question was, “Ang lugar na ito ay matatagpuan sa Maynila, kilala ito bilang ‘Walled City’.”

(This place is located in Manila, it is known as the ‘Walled City.’)

Ashton immediately buzzed and correctly answered, “Intramuros.”

Their next question was, “Ang ‘Jasminum Sambac’ ay mas kilala sa anong pangalan?” 

(‘Jasminum Sambac’ is better known by what name?)

Dustine undoubtedly answered, “Sampaguita.”

The final question for the round was, “Saang bayan sa Laguna ipinanganak si Dr. Jose Rizal?”

(In what town in Laguna was Dr. Jose Rizal born?)

Dustine answered with his winning answer, “Calamba, Laguna.”

Team Dustine (Rob, Paolo, Stephanie, Stef, and Kai) against Team Luke (Eslam, Tiff, Gabb, Ashton, Maxine) wins the history quiz bee.

Netizens’ Reaction

Despite the winning moment for Team Dustine, the netizens are not happy with their performance as most of the questions are easy and are basic Philippine history that everyone must know and remember. 

The most trending topic “GomBurZa” earned a lot of attention when Kai and Gabb guessed based on the names presented.

The answer “SLEX” also gained much attention as an answer for the longest bridge in the Philippines.

Due to the disappointing event that happened during the episode, the people are tweeting and tagging DepEd to open the schools.

Meanwhile, others have gone to memes to express their reaction.

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