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Netflix’s Scarily New Spooky Films on Streaming


Classic horror films have made their mark and thus have a reputation of their own. However, these newer films of the current ‘20s are still fresh and ripe for an inspection! Calling all horror enthusiasts, here’s a compiled list of the latest horror movies on streaming!

Here are the most recent Netflix Horror offerings for Halloween 2021!


What happens when you’re stuck at home during the zombie outbreak? Well, you get #Alive! A Korean adaptation of the American 2020 zombie film Alone, this Netflix Horror film will keep you on the edge of your seat as you watch a single person navigate the terrible new world he finds himself in. In this film, a Korean gamer, and son of a loving family wakes up and realizes that not everything is working. The internet’s down, the dead have come back to life, and one of his neighbours is acting weird, hiding away in his bathroom.

A Classic Horror Story

Love classic horror films like Friday the 13th and The Wicker Man? Then A Classic Horror Story may be the 2021 Netflix Horror for you! We follow the horrifying misadventures of a gaggle of horror fodder — ahem, people — traveling across Italy to reach their destinations. But then an accident forces them off the road. The group wakes up in a strange forest they can’t navigate through. Then they find a graveyard of abandoned cars. Most frightening of all, they come across an odd house with hair-raising secrets.

Army of the Dead

Need a little more bang for your buck? This 2021 Netflix Horror film starts when a zombie breaks out of a containment convoy and destroys Las Vegas, the infamous City of Sin. It’s former wrestler Dave Bautista’s time to shine as he leads this ensemble of charismatic thieves in a heist. The problem is, this is a zombie film with as many bullets as there are undead! And it turns out the team’s not dealing with just any shambling corpses of the dead. There’s even a zombie tiger on the loose! It has a prequel coming out soon called Army of Thieves.


Cadaver is a Norwegian Netflix Horror film that’s got dystopian elements. A former actress lives with her husband and daughter in the ruins of a city partly destroyed by a nuclear disaster. So, there are hardly any resources left to go around, not even hope. However, a nearby hotel that’s still standing tall is offering dinner and a show. Several shows, actually. The family arrives at the hotel with its electricity, lovely furniture, and food. Then the hotel director says that the plays at the hotel are in different rooms, and things go downhill from there.

Fear Street Trilogy

Here’s a new beloved series! This trilogy, though based on the R.L. Stine books, isn’t your childhood Fear Street! Instead, we follow the lives of a group of teens living in the less-than-fortunate side of town, Shadyside. When a charged-up rally leads to a freak road accident, it starts off a chain of events. Follow the cast of Fear Street that leads to the truth of Shadyside’s origins. Part one is set in 1994, and the next one, 1978, is a homage to horror films set in summer camps! The final installment, 1666, is something of a period piece. Can’t tell you much more than that! Want more details? Get yourself on that couch and watch this 2021 Netflix Horror trilogy yourself!

His House

A fantastic Netflix Horror (In terms of concept and execution. It’s still a horror film through and through)! Two refugees from a war-torn South Sudan come to the United Kingdom for a fresh start. Though the titular house they arrive at is dilapidated and filthy, the couple make do. Well, maybe the husband Bol more so than his wife, Rial. As Bol throws himself into embracing his new home, Rial looks on, reluctant and frightened. Their caseworker even tells them not to leave the house! But then odd things start happening to the couple, which ties into the child they left behind at sea.

Hubie Halloween

If you’re familiar with Adam Sandler, you may know that he’s not the type to create full-on horror atmospheres. So, this movie’s a bit of a break from serious Netflix Horror! The titular Hubie, a delicatessen guy from the infamous town of Salem, Massachusetts, always works on Halloween night as a town monitor. The thing is, Hubie’s not the sharpest tool in the shed. So, on Halloween night, the townspeople get a kick out of scaring him. First, our protagonist gets tricked into going through a corn maze. Then, the younger kids throw eggs at him. And finally, their new neighbor is a werewolf and is planning to terrorize the town! 

I’m Thinking of Ending Things

I’m Thinking of Ending Things is a psychological thriller rather than a horror film, but the two genres sometimes overlap. This Netflix Horror film is a slow-burn deal. It’s also full of our main protagonist Young Woman’s (yes, that’s what she’s credited as) deep soliloquies in dulcet tones. It turns out that she’s off to meet the parents of a man she’s barely been dating for a month! And there’s the issue of how vague the title is. Does it mean the main couple will break up? Or, does it mean something more sinister?


Here’s a Netflix 2021 French film that’s not exactly a horror film — it’s more of a science fiction thriller. Yet, the premise makes it a horror film to some. Comparable to the 2010 film Buried starring Ryan Reynolds, a woman is stuck in a narrow, enclosed space. Instead of being underground and in a box, she’s in a cryogenic chamber. She has only an hour and a half before her oxygen runs out. Not only that, the AI overseeing the cryogenic pod says it can’t open the pod without a key code. Funnily enough, Ryan Reynolds worked with the main lead Mélanie Laurent on a film titled 6 Underground!

The Platform

Lots of people have enjoyed La Casa de Papel or Money Heist. This Netflix Horror film is in a different realm than that, but if you’re on the Spanish kick, why not try out The Platform? People live on several levels of a prison. Food gets delivered on the titular platform, going down level by level, providing food to each prisoner. Everyone probably gets what they need and leaves some for the rest, right? Wrong. It turns out that the lower you are, the less food there is for you. And now and then, your level switches around. One day you could be at the tippy top eating as much as your hungry tummy desires, but then the next, you’re at the bottom rung looking at all the scraps.

Vampires Vs. The Bronx

This one guarantees a great time! Vampires Vs. The Bronx centers on a group of kids from, well, the Bronx! The kids live their lives well enough, but it turns out that their New York neighborhood is being infringed by people who want to gentrify it. And to make matters worse, more beings are ready to suck the life out of their community — vampires! (Fun Fact: The 1998 Marvel superhero film Blade appears in this Netflix Horror movie!) Once the kids realize what’s going on, they take a stand on two fronts.

We Summon the Darkness

Do you want a Netflix horror film that’s more supernatural? We Summon the Darkness has a trio of girls using the power of the occult. The girls, Alexis, Bev, and Val, pick up a trio of boys at a heavy metal concert. The group heads to Alexis’ mansion home, where they play some drinking games, and while doing that, drug the boys. Then the girls reveal that they’re part of a cult called Daughters of the Dawn! They’ve racked up a substantial body count, and the boys are next. The night is young, and the boys need to get the heck out of there!

These are the top newest Netflix Horror movies, perfect for viewing during the Halloween season. In addition, this list is excellent for people who want to have a bit of fun during the season of frights! So go ahead and add these to your Watch List — future you will thank you later.

– Alex/WhatALife.ph

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