Home LOOK: Nadine Lustre and her boyfriend in France for a beach vacay

LOOK: Nadine Lustre and her boyfriend in France for a beach vacay

nadine lustre with french boyfriend in france

MIMIZAN, FRANCE — On Monday, September 5, Nadine Lustre posted a series of snapshots with her French boyfriend Christopher Bariou on Mimizan beach in France on Instagram

The actress shared several Instagram photos of her and her French boyfriend having fun while traveling in Europe, including a beach getaway.

According to Lustre’s location tag, They recently went to the well-known water sports hotspot Plage de l’Espécier. The popular tourist spot has a large stretch of fine sand and is situated in the hills of Mimizan Plage.

Check out more photos on the actress’ official Instagram page.

Nadine Lustre opens up her relationship with Cristopher Bariou

Lustre revealed her relationship with Bariou for the first time back in July.

In an interview with Boy Abunda, the actress shared that they met through mutual acquaintances when she visited Siargao in July last year. 

“I have friends living in Siargao for a moment. In July last year, two of my friends and I went to Siargao just for a vacation kasi nga medyo maluwag na nung time na ‘yun (because the restrictions were lenient at that time) so we could fly out,” she recalled.

Since one of her friends works with Bariou, they requested if they may visit the secluded beach area next to the latter’s exclusive resort, which is how they first got to know each other.

“Her friend asked him if we could go to his spot because there’s a secret beach there. There’s no one most of the time. ‘Yun ‘yung kung saan magmi-meet ‘yung ilog at dagat (It’s where the river and ocean meet). So I asked him if we could go, but we ended up swimming in his pool. That’s pretty much it,” she stated.

When asked what her initial impression of Bariou was, Lustre replied: “My friends were talking about him, and they were saying that he’s charming. So when I saw him, I’m like, ‘Okay, fine, he’s kinda cute.”

Bariou, half-Filipino, and half-French, has lived in Siargao for eight years. He feels at ease with being in a relationship with a well-known individual, according to Lustre. 

Lustre revealed her plans for her career in addition to her personal life. As with making music, she said it’s good to be acting again after a while since it gives her a new sense of fulfillment.

The Yam Laranas film “Greed,” which starred Diego Loyzaga and Epy Quizon, was Lustre’s last movie role. –WhatALife!/Brix

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