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Momoland Nancy in ‘mental distress’ after leaked photos

Momoland Nancy in mental distress after leaked undressing photos

The agency of Nancy McDonie of K-pop group Momoland, MLD Entertainment, will take legal action against the people who are responsible behind the leaked photos of the star taken as she was changing in their dressing room.

Based on the statement released by the agency, the photos of the 20-year-old star were Photoshopped. Allegedly, one of the girl group’s staff members was the one who took the leaked photos.

In South Korea, molka or the illegal taking of photos or videos of women in intimate situation has become an epidemic due to the countless reports of cameras hidden in public restrooms, fitting rooms, hotels, and other places.

MLD Entertainment is now working with its lawyers to take action against those behind the scandal.

“Recently, illegally manipulated photos related to Nancy, who is our agency’s artist, have been spreading online and through social media. Nancy is a victim of a hidden camera picture that was subsequently photoshopped,” Momoland Nancy’s agency said in a statement released yesterday. “The priority for protection here is Nancy. Please cooperate with us.”

The agency’s statement continued: “We would like to inform everyone that we will take strong legal action against the illegal photographer and the primary spreads in cooperation with the police and overseas law enforcement agencies. Through our legal representatives, civil and criminal penalties due to violation of the Special Act on the Punishment of Sexual Violence Crimes and violation of the Information and Communications Act will be carried out.”

According to MLD Entertainment, Momoland Nancy is now suffering from “mental distress” due to the incident.

“Nancy is currently suffering from a great amount of mental distress. We earnestly ask of you. We hope there will be no more malicious posts related to our artist,” the agency said. “We will continue to make every effort to protect our artists from further damage through continuous monitoring. We will also continue to take strong legal action with no leniency or settlement. Thank you for always loving and supporting our artists. We will continue to do our best to protect them.”

Momoland has made a series of hits songs, including “Bboom Bboom,” “BAAM,” “Banana ChaCha,” and “I’m So Hot”. The group has become a top K-pop girl group and has achieved worldwide fame since their debut in 2016.

(Source: ASIAONE)

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