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Miracle of Missouri: Deceased Nun’s Body Shows No Decay Even After Four Years

miracle of missouri deceased nun's body shows so decay even after four years

WASHINGTON, USA — In a surprising turn of events, inmates of a monastery in the rural town of Gower, near Kansas City, were left astounded when the exhumed body of a deceased nun in the name of Sister Wilhelmina Lancaster showed almost no signs of decay, four years after her passing. 

Sister Wilhelmina, the founder of the Benedictine Sisters of Mary, Queen of the Apostles, was laid to rest in 2019. However, her body was recently exhumed on May 18th to be moved to its final resting place in a monastery chapel, as reported by the Catholic News Agency.

Upon opening the coffin, the inmates were met with an unexpected sight—the remarkably intact body of Sister Wilhelmina. Despite being buried in a cracked wooden coffin that exposed her corpse to moisture and debris, very little decay had occurred.

This unexpected preservation amazed those present. An anonymous sister stated, “We were told by cemetery personnel to expect just bones in the conditions, as Sister Wilhelmina was buried without embalming and in a simple wood coffin.”

“The dirt that fell in early on had pushed down on her facial features, especially the right eye, so we did place a wax mask over it. But her eyelashes, hair, eyebrows, nose, and lips were all present, her mouth just about to smile,” the sister added.

The unembalmed body of Sister Wilhelmina, in Catholicism, is regarded as “incorrupt,” a phenomenon associated with holiness and considered a possible indication of sainthood, according to the Catholic News Agency.

Addressing the discovery, Bishop Johnston of the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph released a statement, expressing the need to protect the integrity of Sister Wilhelmina’s remains to allow for a thorough investigation. 

The statement read, ”The condition of the remains of Sister Wilhelmina Lancaster has understandably generated widespread interest and raised important questions… Bishop Johnston invites all the Faithful to continue praying during this time of investigation for God’s will.”

Experts have commented that bodies can often remain well-preserved in the first few years following death, even without embalming.

Sister Wilhelmina’s remains are scheduled to be moved on May 29th and will be encased in glass within the chapel, allowing visitors to continue viewing them.

The discovery of Sister Wilhelmina Lancaster’s well-preserved body has sparked intrigue and speculation, captivating the attention of both the faithful and the curious. As investigations continue, the remarkable preservation of her remains prompts contemplation on the mysteries of life, faith, and the possibility of sainthood. – WhatALife!/Jayve

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