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How to register FICCO ONLINE Pre-Membership Seminar

How to register FICCO ONLINE Pre Membership Seminar

You can now register for the FICCO Pre-Membership Seminar ONLINE. We’ve listed down a guide with requirements below.

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Step 2: You will be redirected to the Member Registration page. Fill up all the information needed and click Register Now after you completed it. 

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Step 3: Check your email address for a confirmation email, then click the link given.

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Step 4: Log in to your account and scan the QR Code with the GCash app to pay the Seminar Fee of PHP40.

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After scanning the QR Code, make sure the payment person is FICCO (JENNIFER E.) then keep the receipt.

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Step 5: As proof of payment, attach the receipt for PHP40.

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Wait for the payment confirmation to be sent to the email address you provided.

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Step 6: Log in to your account after receiving confirmation, then go to “COURSES” and view the Pre-Membership Videos.

Step 7: Answer the brief evaluation exam correctly. A Certificate of Completion (COC) will be issued once the work is completed. Save and download the certificate.

How to open a FICCO account


  • 2 pcs 1×1 I.D Picture 
  • Residence Certificate
  • Certificate of Employment
  • Marriage Contract
  • Birth Certificate
  • Photocopy of Valid I.D
  • Business or Barangay Permit
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN)

Step 1: Open the GCash App and pay PHP790 for the membership fee, FICCO ID, Initial deposit, and insurance. Save and Download the receipt. 

Step 2: Click the “HOME” button on your online account, then attach the P790 receipt.

Step 3: For the successful opening of a FICCO account, an email confirmation will be issued. Allow 3-5 working days for your account to be created.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to become a FICCO Member?

Attend a Pre-Membership Seminar (PMS) at any FICCO location. Of course, you may also register for the FICCO ONLINE Pre-Membership Seminar in 2022.

How much does it cost to open a regular membership account?

Pre-membership fees:

Seminar’s FeeP40.00
Membership FeePHP50.00
Subscription Agreement (notarial)PHP50.00
Share CapitalPHP100.00
Savings DepositPHP100.00
Home ProtectPHP250.00
Family Protect -Registration-Monthly Contribution

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