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HIGALA App Data Privacy Security Reminder


The city government of Cagayan de Oro urges its residents to register in its Higala Online Application, a system used for contact tracing activity necessary for the containment of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and other infectious diseases within the city. The online app collects personal information from registered clients, as well as visitors in the city. Through the app, physical contact with objects like pen and paper (when filling out contact tracing forms) will also be avoided. Upon registering, users will access their uniquely generated Quick Response (QR) Code. Note that the Higala QR Code is FREE. For people who asked assistance to have a Higala App Account and acquire Higala QR Code, please make sure that you DO NOT pay any fees. And as much as possible, ask assistance only to family members/relatives/known peers that you can trust with your personal information (Complete name, birthday, Complete Address, Contact Number). The local government advises registered clients to protect their personal data to avoid identity theft and other malicious activities. For full detail of the Higala App Data Privacy Notice, you can read it here.   —(Source: City Information Office)   Higala, Don’t have an account yet? See how to register here

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