BFP, well prepared for Fire Prevention Month

fire prevention month march 2022

MANILA, Philippines — BFP says they are well-prepared for the fire prevention month with services supplemented in Metro Manila and other major areas around the country.

In March, the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) will commemorate Fire Prevention Month. Because of the alarming spike in fire accidents across the country during this time, the Presidential Proclamation No. 115-A declared March as Fire Prevention Month.

The Bureau of Fire Protection, as the government agency charged with preventing and suppressing all types of destructive fires, investigating their causes, enforcing fire-related laws, and providing emergency medical and rescue services, will focus all Fire Prevention Month activities on home fire safety by introducing innovative programs and activities aimed at motivating the public to make fire safety a priority.

The BFP’s services have been supplemented in Metro Manila and other major areas around the country by the establishment of civic-organized fire volunteer brigades.

According to the most recent data, the National Capital Region has 813 volunteer fire departments with a total of 4,525 volunteer firemen. 578 fire brigades with 10,034 volunteer firefighters and 235 barangay fire brigades with 644 volunteer firefighters make up this total.

The BFP has declared it their aim to promote volunteer fire departments around the country, as these community-based organizations are crucial in raising awareness about basic fire safety and prevention practices.

The observation of Fire Prevention Month this year also correspond with what appears to return to normal activities, since the number of coronavirus illnesses has decreased dramatically.

The risk of fires could rise as factories, shopping malls, retail businesses, and company offices resume operations that had been stopped or slowed during the pandemic. As a result, rising awareness in reducing dangers should be observed.

Meanwhile, the local fire departments also assist the police in keeping order during important public events, such as the pre-pandemic All Saints Day celebration, when vast crowds of people would visit cemeteries and memorial parks.

“Sa Pag-iwas sa Sunog Di Ka Nag-iisa” is the theme for this year. – WhatALife!

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