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Elvie Vergara’s Ex-Employers Fail Lie Detector Tests Amid Abuse Allegations

elvie vergaras ex employers fail lie detector tests amid abuse allegations

Former employers of Elvie Vergara, accused of mistreatment and exploitation, have failed their lie detector tests. The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) polygraph division confirmed these results during a hearing held by the Senate Committee on Justice and Human Rights.

The investigation centers on the allegations of exploitation and abuse made by Elvie Vergara against her former employers, Pablo and France Ruiz. Vergara, a household helper, claims to have suffered mistreatment that left her partially blind.

During the hearing, Senator Raffy Tulfo questioned France Ruiz about her perception of the lie detector test results. Initially, France expressed confidence in her performance, stating, “Opo, pumasa po” (Yes, I think I passed). However, Tulfo promptly revealed the outcome, telling her, “Lumilitaw dito na ikaw ay deceptive, nagsisinungaling. Bumagsak ka” (It appears here that you are deceptive, lying. You flunked).

Meanwhile, the results of Pablo’s lie detector test were disclosed by Senator Jinggoy Estrada, who revealed that Pablo also failed the examination. Estrada further announced that two witnesses, JM Taroma and Patrick Simbaon, had passed the NBI’s polygraph exam, adding, “This just confirms [that] these witnesses JM and Patrick are telling the truth at itong mag-asawa, base sa inyong findings, ay nagsisinungaling” (and this couple, based on the findings, are lying).

The NBI officials present at the hearing explained that each individual who underwent the polygraph test had three series of exams to check the consistency of their answers and reactions. Vital signs were also monitored before the test, as heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure can influence the results of the lie detector machine.

Last week, the Ruiz couple had agreed to undergo the polygraph test while maintaining their innocence, asserting that they had not mistreated Elvie Vergara during her employment as their household helper in Occidental Mindoro.

The Senate committee has been investigating the case of Elvie Vergara, who alleges that she endured abuse at the hands of her employers, resulting in her partial blindness. The 44-year-old helper managed to escape from her employers, claiming that the abuse had persisted since 2020.

France and Pablo Ruiz consistently denied the allegations in previous Senate hearings. However, during Monday’s hearing, the panel cited Pablo in contempt for providing false testimony. He will join his wife, who had also been cited in contempt during the September 19 hearing, in detention.

The Ruizes contend that Vergara’s injuries and blindness resulted from a fight with their male house helpers, a claim that has been refuted by the other household workers. The NBI’s findings have now cast doubt on their assertions, adding a new layer of complexity to the case.

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