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Dennis Trillo Starring as Serial Killer in the Upcoming Movie “Severino”

dennis trillo starring as serial killer in the upcoming movie severino

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Dennis Trillio is taking on a sinister role in Severino, a series that is based on a true story of the priest Severino Mallari, the first documented serial killer in the Philippines. 

The project for the film was announced at the Cannes Film Festival.

The movie will be produced by a Filipino content production company called CreaZion Studios, the same team that made award winning films like “1st ko si 3rd,” “Iska,” and “Patay Na Si Hesus.” The studio partnered with a production and financing company “Fire andIce Productions.”

“Our goal is to be part of the wide-scale production of elevated Asian projects. With ‘Severino’ underway, one of the biggest series in the region, we are excited to continue diversifying and expanding our market potential by partnering with outward-looking producers and projects,” CreZion Chief Creative Officer, Real Florido stated.

Severino will draw inspiration from the Filipino priest. He gained notoriety as the first documented serial killer in the Philippines, responsible for 57 individual’s deaths.

Reports state that Severino’s crimes were motivated by relentless pursuit to eliminate a curse on his ailing mother. He was faced with death by execution for the crimes he had committed in 1840. 

Fans conveyed their support and anticipation for Trillo’s role on the drama. They believe that the actor would give another noteworthy performance and increase his status on television. 

Trillo has gained his reputation as the “Kapuso Drama King” with his recent portrayals proving versatility. He made a justified depiction of Maranao Muslim in the 021 program “Legal Wives.”

The actor has also appeared in the historical show “Maria Clara at Ibarra.” He even earned two best actor prizes for the roles.  – WhatALife!/Zain

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