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City Health: No Higalay registration for ages under 21, over 60

no-higala-app-registration-for-under 21-below-60

Cagayan de Oro City residents and visitors under 21 and over 60 years old still won’t be accepted for registration at Cagayan de Oro City Hall’s Higala website, the City Health Office (CHO) said Saturday, November 7. “I think those under 21 and over 60 nationwide have yet to secure confirmation from the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) for them to be allowed to go out of their homes so they certainly won’t be accepted for registration in City Hall’s Higala website,” acting City Health Officer Dr. Lorraine Nery said during Saturday noon’s press briefing. Dr. Nery said the main feature of the Higala website/app is that it can produce a quick response (QR) code which can be shown to any restaurant or place of business for contact tracing purposes. In a resolution issued last month, the IATF said it is up to the local governments to decide on the age restrictions to be imposed on their constituents. Mayor Oscar Moreno previously said those under 21 and over 60 should remain at home and can go out only for essential trips since Cagayan de Oro City is experiencing a surge in local COVID-19 cases. Moreover, the City Administrator’s Office issued a memorandum last week mandating all City Hall employees and officials to register at the Higala website for identification and contact tracing purposes starting on Monday, November 9, and produce a QR code. The city has recorded 55 new COVID-19 cases over the weekend, including two deaths, Dr. Nery said. —(Source: City Information Office)  
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